How to Zoom in Firefox Laptop Shortcut (4 Steps)

How To Zoom In Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for windows, OS X, Linux and other mobile devices as well as computer devices that is used to open up the web pages in an ultra fast way. The browser is available in 79 languages and is available in Atom, CSS3, RSS as well as HTML-5 version being a free as well as an open source web browser for all. Here we are explaining some of the ways that you can apply to zoom in and out in order to use Mozilla in a customized way.

How to Zoom in Firefox Laptop Shortcut (4 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Zoom in Firefox Laptop Shortcut

1. While Using A Mobile Touch Version:-

If you are using a smart phone mobile version of Mozilla Firefox downloaded from the Playstore, you can zoom in and zoom out in this application with simple double tap of your fingers or even by keeping two of your fingers on the screen and trying to get them apart. Both the techniques are equally helpful to zoom in and zoom out in the case of smart phone and tablets as well.

2. Physical Zooming While Using A Computer:-

If you are sitting on a personal computer device with Mozilla Firefox installed on it, You can choose to make changes with the resolution by going to the menu bar clicking up the Menu gear. The third option in this menu will be of view and in this you will get four options including “ZOOM IN”, “ZOOM OUT”, “ZOOM TEXT” and “RESET” you can make the desired changes with your text resolution using these options provided.

3. Shortcut Keys:-

There are some shortcut keys that you can bring in use in order to increase or decrease the text size of your Mozilla Firefox browser that include control key plus the “+” key in order to increase the resolution, Control key plus “-“ key in order to decrease the resolution and Control key plus “0” in order to reset the changes made but keep in mind that you will need to keep your browser open in order to do so.

4. Scrolling Method:-

While using the Firefox browser on your computer device, You can choose to zoom in and zoom out using the scroll wheel of your optical mouse as well. Simply keep the control key pressed and rotate the scrolling wheel of your optical mouse in order to increase or decrease the text size. It is as easy as I told you. You can do this while working on the browser as well.


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