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How to Do Zombie Makeup for Halloween From Home

How to Do Zombie Make Up From Home


A zombie refers to dead man who has got resurrected and that too without a soul. zombie is actually a dead body with no soul but still moving because of artificial life. A zombie is never dead till even a single part of its body is left they say and thus people choose to look like zombies on festive occasions like Halloween or fancy dress competitions etc. If you also have chosen to dress like a zombie for some occasion, you can choose to do zombie makeup from home following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Do Zombie Makeup for Halloween From Home

Zombie Makeup for Halloween From Home

1. Bring Every Stuff That You Use Regularly To Do Make Up From:-

In order to look like a zombie, you need not bring many outer stuff from the market but you can use the regular make up items like your mascara, Kajal or the high lighter or eye liner in order to do so. Simply use these not to do light make up but to do heavy make up giving effects with Kajal and eye liner in between and you can easily look like a zombie.

2. Old Attire and That Too Torn and Dirty like Hell:-

Get clad in old attire which is as dirty as hell. Zombies do not bath after all or you can even take a dress which is not dirty but you can make it dirty with muddy colors from outside so that it may not feel weird to you when you wear them.

3. Kajal or Pencil Outliner for Scars over the Skin:-

In order to make scars over your skin, you can choose to go for using the pencil outliner. A pencil outliner serves to be the best option for this purpose as it can make you give both light and dark effects at the same time and it would look like there are marks or rashes or some damage over the skin.

4. Tomato Ketchup for Blood Effect:-

Obviously when you have become a zombie, you should also have some blood over your clothes and body as well. For this purpose you can use either skin friendly water colors if you have them or else you can drop some tomato ketchup over your skin and clothes as even it can give blood effect because of its thick red color.

5. Keep The Make Up As Dark As You Can:-

Makeup artist Mr. Deepak says that in order to look like a zombie, you should know when to keep the make up dark or light. Black makes you look weird and thus an extra dark effect would be perfect for a zombie. Rest is just to use colors perfectly at perfect place on perfect time.

6. Add Some Special Effects:-

Now when the initial make up for zombie look has been made, you would just be required to give a final touch up to your skin and body. Simply add the final touch up effects to it and soon you will turn out in a zombie who is not dead but is as cruel as a dead zombie walking with his or her hands stretched against someone aiming at him.


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