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6 Way to Make Yourself Smarter and Sharper

Become Smarter and Sharper


Smarter people were not born with an extra brain. Neither were their mothers the most intelligent creature of this world and nor were they having the supernatural powers or the connections with the paranormal. They became smart after they came in this world and smartness cannot be bought or purchased, but it comes partially from the inner self of a person and the rest partially from the people he comes across in his daily life. In case you think that someone needs assistance regarding smartness, you may ask him or her to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Way to Make Yourself Smarter and Sharper

How to Make Yourself Smarter and Sharper

1. Work on Your Friend Circle:-

First of all, let me tell you that it depends a lot on your friend circle how smart you become as these are the only people that you spend the most of your time with. Simply work on your friend circle so as to be with, smart people and learn smartness from them sitting will fools make you foolish and thus such people should be avoided.

2. Never Go On the Looks:-

Often it is that we are mis-confused about smartness and we go by the looks. Just looks can be achieved by the fools as well. A smart guy is the one who is able to survive any condition maturely and thus you should never go on the looks and instead try to improve your intellectual self.

3. Work On Your Decision Making Capability:-

The people who know how to take decisions, even in the adverse situations are always the smartest. You are advised to work on your decision making capability to become smart. It is also advised that you stay mature, calm and quiet. The start people never speak or boast that they are smart and instead the works that they do are enough to give others a clue about their smartness.

4. Think Before You Speak:-

If you need to become smart, never give an idea to others about what is going on in your mind. It is always a foolish act to tell others what is going on in your mind and instead rather I will say that smart people always stay quiet. It is their act that speaks for them.

5. Look for the Better Options Available:-

Smart people always have got a better alternative for each and every situation. Start thinking about a situation and calculate almost all the possible solutions for it in your mind first of all and the pick up the best suiting solution amongst all of them. When you follow this approach, there are always nearly no chances of your plan to get failed.

6. Try To Act Mature, and Responsible:-

Above all you should never try to make a haste. Look mature and act responsible, try to get dressed decently and be polite while talking to others. Smartness is never achieved and instead it comes from the inner self. Though you can try to take inspiration from others regarding this purpose, but copying others is also not smartness as it deprives you of your inner self. Try to be genuine and learn only the positive things from others, this will make you smart for sure.


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