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How you Know you Have Diabetes

How you Know you Have Diabetes


Diabetes is a health problem in which the blood sugar level rises above the normal values and this happens because of excessive levels of sugar consumed by a person which is why diabetes is also referred to as sugar in the local language. The level of insulin hormone gets reduced in this case and thus the person is provided with the injections of insulin so as to make him relieved against this health condition. Talking about the way how we determine if we are experiencing this disease, we need to make an idea with the signs and symptoms of it and the diagnosis is then made so as to go for the treatment. Let me make you aware with the whole procedure involved.

How you Know you Have Diabetes

How you Know you Have Diabetes

1. The Basic Approach of Diagnosis of Diabetes:-

Often there is no way to determine if you are suffering from diabetes without going for a laboratory test, but still it is associated with some signs that we call as pre diabetes. People encounter certain signs and symptoms in this condition and these are considered to get an idea if the person is suffering from diabetes or not.

2. Get Familiar with Pre diabetes:-

As the name suggests, pre diabetes is a condition that an individual experiences before diabetes. In this condition, the blood glucose level is greater than normal value, but not as much enough to be declared that the person is suffering from diabetes. There are no clear symptoms in this stage that the person id prone to diabetes.

3. The Symptoms of Diabetes:-

The symptoms of diabetes include the feeling of person to drink more water and eat more food, the mouth is often found dry and there as the person drinks more in this stage there is frequent urination as well. The situation gets worse when the person gets associated with urine infections and the other symptoms like fatigue, a sudden unexpected loss of weight, blurred vision, headache and restlessness.

4. How Diabetes is diagnosed:-

As I told you earlier that diagnosis of diabetes is done after you experience the symptoms or are doubtful if you suffer from diabetes. This is achieved by lab testing approaches like blood and urine tests. The OGTT test is another test to determine the level of glucose in a person’s blood and basically every approach that is bought in use to go for the diagnosis entirely will focus on determining the level of glucose in your blood and comparing it with the normal values. We know that the food we eat is broken down in starch and glucose by the digestive enzymes and finally the formation of blood and urine takes place. Well this level of glucose in blood is the only decidi9ng factor if a person suffers diabetes or not.


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