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How to Make Yogurt Taste More Like Sour Cream

How To Make Yoghurt Taste More Like Sour Cream


There are many dishes which need you to add cream in them, but unfortunately many a times cream is not available in the kitchen and you feel like adding any other substitute like yogurt while making such dishes. This includes the bakes dishes, the cakes and the other such vegetable options which require you to add cream into them while making. You are very much right with this approach as yogurt can taste as sour cream if you follow certain steps before adding it to a particular dish. In order to make yogurt taste more as sour cream, you can follow the following tips:-

How to Make Yogurt Taste More Like Sour Cream

How to Make Yogurt Taste More Like Sour Cream

1. Add Equal Amount of Mayonnaise Into It:-

According to a famous chef, adding an equal amount of mayonnaise to the yogurt can make it taste more like cream which is sour in taste, but is still a cream. Mayonnaise acts as a thick and creamy dressing for any dish and when we add anything to something creamy, even it gets creamy in nature. Same happens with yogurt when we add equal amount of mayonnaise to it.

2. Drain out Extra Water from It:-

Take yogurt in a container and take out extra water from it. You don’t have any option but to drain out this water in most of cases, but let me tell you here that this water contains a significant amount of whey proteins in it and thus you can even drink it instead of flowing it in the wash basin.

3. Filter it from a Porous Cloth:-

Take a porous cloth and put all the yogurt in it. Now, whirl and rotate it in such a way that most of the water content out of this yogurt gets removed and only a solid content is left as a residue. The same content which lacks moisture can be bought in use in place of cream while making any dish in the face of sour cream.

4. Take off the Extra Water through Cheese Cloth:-

Cheese cloth is a cloth that we use in order to remove extra water from cheese shaping it up to a solidified cheese. The same cloth can be bought in use to remove extra water from yogurt to result in Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can replace cream while making most of the dishes.

5. Plain Greek Yogurt Is Best For Baking:-

If you have some Greek yogurt stored in your refrigerator, you can even use it to replace cream in your dish. In some cases, you may require to flavor it as well. Though you can’t use yogurt while making cakes, but still it can be bought into use for making much rest of dishes.

6. Add Wheat flour Or Corn Starch over Low Heat and Whisk:-

According to our chef expert, adding a significant amount of wheat flour to yogurt can also give it a creamy feel. If wheat flour is not your cup of tea, you can even add a bit of starch to your yogurt and then heat it over low flame in order to make it taste more like a sour cream.


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