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4 Yoga Poses do Daily for Happy and Healthy Life

Aasans of Yoga to Do Daily for Healthy Life


According to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, there is a solution of every health problem in Yoga and if you adopt the habit of doing yoga daily in your life schedule, it makes you live longer than the others not doing so. It also safeguards you against various ailments and proves even more effective than gyming. Yoga also helps you get relieved against daily stress and keeps you active in everyday jobs/tasks. The heart patients and diabetes patients also get benefited with some yoga-asana and thus seeing these countless health benefits of yoga and asana, today we have bought some yoga-asana for you which once added to your life schedule will give you long term health benefits:-

1. Bajrasana, the Thunderbolt:-

4 Yoga Poses For Healthy Life

4 Yoga Poses For Healthy Life

  • This asana can be done with or without taking food. It helps you stay away from geneticdisorders. It also keeps you away from heart disease, tension and other such disorders.
  • In order to do this asana, you will have to lay a mat first on the floor.
  • Now you have to sit on this mat in a kneeling position and you have to keep your toes close to each other.
  • Lower down your bumps while keeping your neck straight.
  • Your palms should be downside and your hands should be on the knees.
  • Keep on doing this for 4-5 minutes. Add this asana in your daily schedule to be immune against multiple health disorders mentioned above.

2. Kapal Bhaarti And Anulom Vilom:-

Kapal Bhaarti And Anulom Vilom

Whenever I switch on Aastha channel on my television, Baba Ramdev is seen sitting in front of public addressing them to do anulom vilom and kapal bharti in order to keep away from health disorders and thus you can add both these aasanas to your daily schedule in order to stay healthy, fit and fine.

  • Kapal bharti includes you to sit in padmasana position first. This should be done with an empty stomach. You have to keep breathing while inhaling with one nostril first and then you have to place hands on knees in order to breathe properly while keeping your spine straight and making the body relaxed. Now breathe out rapidly with a forceful exhalation.
  • While doing anulom-vilom you have to sit in a steady position with right nostril closed with your thumb. You have to draw air from the left nostril slowly You have to close the left nostril now while taking air from the right nostril. 20 rounds of this pranayam daily can improve your health against respiratory ailments.

3. Dhanushasana, the Bow:-

Dhanushasana yoga Aasans of Yoga to Do Daily

During archery, you use a bow and arrow. The same bow like pose is made during this asana.

  • In order to perform this asana, you will have to lay flat keeping legs and feet together over the stomach.
  • The knees are bended,then and taken close to the bumps. The air is inhaled and legs are lifted.
  • Hands and legs are pulled both in separate directions while supporting the body on mat. This asana proves helpful for multiple health disorders including diabetes.

4. Shawaasana, the Dead Fellow:-

Aasans of Yoga to Do Daily for Healthy Life

  • While doing this aasana, you have to lie down like a corpse. You simply lay a mat and lie on it with your back facing towards the floor.
  • Your legs should be straight and feet should be both apart from each other. The head and spine should be kept straight and you should relax in this position.
  • There should be no movement made in such a position. It proves helpful for heart patients. The other such asana include pranayam, padmasana, sukhasana etc.
  • Asana is never performed under a gym trainer but instead they are taught by yogis and saints. You can switch to some channel like Aastha or you can join some Yoga camp in order to learn asana according to a specific ailment of yours.


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