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4 Best Yoga Asanas For Diabetes Treatment

Ardh Matsyendrasana Yoga Asana for Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease or health problem in which the body of an individual is either not able to produce enough insulin hormone to meet the requirements of his body system or it is that the hormone is being produced but the body system is not able to give response to it. This increases the sugar level in that person’s blood and he falls a prey to diabetes.

According to a famous saint and yogi, yoga and asana are a boon against diabetes. Time and again, the effects of yoga and asana have been observed for a common individual and it has been found that these exercises have a positive impact on human health. Though you may not find any yoga and asana with directly mentioned sure-shot treatment for diabetes, but still if you add asana and yoga to your daily schedule, it can really relieve you against the diseases like diabetes.

Here we are mentioning some yoga-asana which can be adopted by any person to safeguard him/treat him by building immunity against diabetes. If you practice these yoga-asana daily while keeping care of food and diet based instructions, you will surely get treated against your ailment.

1. Setubandhasana (For your heart):-

4 Best Yoga Asanas For Diabetes Treatment

4 Best Yoga Asanas For Diabetes Treatment

  • Lie flat on your mat. Your feet should be flat and touching the floor properly.
  • There should be no bend in this position at all. Push up while hailng the air.
  • Uplift your body in such a way that your neck and head are flat on the mat and the remaining portion of your body is in the air.
  • There is another asana called Kapal Bharti, which can also be added to your yoga and asana schedule to provide added effects.

2. Dhanushasana (The Bow Exercise):-

Dhanushasana Yoga Asana for Diabetes

  • Dhanushasana is an asana which includes making a pose like that of an archer’s bow.
  • You have to raise both halves of your body at once during this asana.
  • Use your hands now to pull your lower half and legs up together to form a curve.
  • This asana reduces the abdominal fats, and it has been mentioned in diabetes books that if you try to reduce your weight, diabetes won’t be able to take grab of you for much time.

3. Paschimottasana (The Inhale and Exhale):-

Paschimottasana Yoga Asana for Diabetes

  • For doing this asana, you will have to spread/lay a mat first. Sit straight on this mat while outstretching your legs.
  • Your toe fingers should be towards the sky. You have to inhale (Take the air inside) and exhale (Emit the air outside) now.
  • The diaphragm of your body system is involved in this process. Keep in mind to stretch your arms towards the sky while you inhale and now exhale.
  • You have to outstretch your arms now. Bend downside in order to touch your toes. This asana can be done daily to get benefitted against diabetes.
  • Paschimottasana is one of the inhaling and exhaling exercises, but there are enough pranayams mentioned in yoga books, all of which are beneficial against diabetes problem as treating diabetes with yoga does not includes any special exercise but to keep your body system fit with a number of pranayams.

4. Ardh Matsyendrasana (Rotating Your Spine):-

Ardh Matsyendrasana Yoga Asana for Diabetes

  • Make yourself comfortable on your yogasana mat and kneel down your legs both at the same time. You have to sit in a “Chaukdee” position now.
  • Simply bring your left leg over your right leg while crossing them with each other. The right leg should be underside.
  • Now bring your left leg upside. You have to place your foot against the outside portion of your right knee. You spine should be erect now.
  • Stretch your arms out to shoulder level and make a twisted position to your left. Let your right arm come down to outside of your left knee and grab your left foot in right hand. Your left hand can be placed on the floor during this time.
  • You have to exhale while twisting as far as you can. There is no pressure on you to twist extra and you have to do it only till your body allows you for the first day.
  • Keep looking in that direction for about half minute and repeat this again and again daily. You should also try anulom-vilom. It also boosts your health against many problems making you stay fit and fine.


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