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How to Make Yarn Balls for Steelhead

How to Make Yarn Balls for Steelhead


Yarn refers to long continuous length of interlocked fibers suitable for use in production of textiles, sewing, knitting, embroidery etc. Now when we go for steelhead fishing, we use balls made from the same yarn taken with different colors.  Fishes get attracted to these colorful balls and they easily get caught with the steelhead. In order to make yarn balls for your steelhead, you just need a few strands of colorful yarn along with a few tools needed to shape up the yarn. If you also wish to make a few yarn balls for fishing with your steelhead, you can bring the following tips in use: –

How to Make Yarn Balls for Steelhead

How to Make Yarn Balls for Steelhead

1. Collect the Essentials:-

Making yarn balls is all about selecting a yarn of perfect color and then to make balls out of it. You need essentials like a pipe with enough thickness to let the yarn pass through it, a scissor or blade, a piece of thread etc. Now, once you have all these essentials, you can set the apparatus of making yarn balls by laying out a working table.

2. Lay a Working Table:-

Lay a working table with all the needed essentials kept over it. Yarn is very much light and thus it is likely to get carried away by air if the winds are blowing fast. You can keep weight over yarn when it is not in use. You can choose three to five multi-color strands of yarn in order to make yarn balls. For example, colors like yellow, orange, blue and pink suit the best.

3. Get the Yarn Strand Out of the Straw:-

Take a Mc-Donald’s type straw and get the group of your strands out of it. You can take two to five thin strands of yarn stuffing them out from one end to other end of pipe in such a way that full length is adjusted in the straw. These strands can have a multiple colors and you have to take them out from one end to other in such a way that they point inside from one end emerging out from the other.

4. Tie a Thread around Its Outer End:-

Trim off the ends of your yarn once you move it inside a straw. Take a piece of thread and then wrap is four to five times around the yarn strands. Make sure that you wrap as close to the pex as possible. Now pull the strands out to some extent and give it a cut with scissor. Stretch the thread to its maximum and you will be resulted with a multi colored yarn ball this way.

5. Make Some More Yarn Balls:-

Make some more yarn balls following the same approach and keep them in your steelhead box to be attached while fishing. You can even customize the approach of making yarn balls taking a few multi color strands in your hands tying them with thread in the same way as a typical yarn ball is tied. There are self-help videos on internet which can be viewed for a better learning.


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