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How to Make x-ray Photos in Photoshop

How to Xray Photos In Photoshop


Xray photography can be understood as a process that enables to make somebody’s clothes be able to look through them. The process always stays under controversies with people thinking what will happen to their privacy as they always stay at a threat of being exposed to the eyes of people who have dirty intensions towards them and thus may I tell you that this process is as simple as any other application software that you use to clear up your blemishes or to enhance the radiance of your skin to make it look presentable.

How to Make x-ray Photos in Photoshop (4 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Make x-ray Photos in Photoshop

1. The XRay Photography Tool:-

There are many program me that you can use in order to X-ray a photograph and one amongst these is the Photoshop from adobe. You can manage to install this application on your device to x-ray anybody’s photograph and You simple need to use the tolls provided to make the clothes of somebody to get see through. Simply open any image with Photoshop application and you just need to create some duplicate layers first of all and then you get the picture get see through making the use of tools provided with the application. The tools include the ones to increase or decrease the exposure, brightness as well as the selection. There are various other see through programme’s like GIMP etc that enable you to see through a picture of any male or female and get a glimpse what is inside the clothes.

2. Process of X-Ray Photography:-

The process of X-ray photography is as simple as using any other photo editing software on your device. The process just include to increase or decrease the shades of the picture making it look like it is giving you an inner glimpse of the person’s body.

3. Talking Behind The Scene:-

The x-ray photography does not makes you physically nude but can only be used to enhance the contrast and increase the difference between light and dark complexions bringing out several layers in clothing to make them easily look like a mirage x-ray giving a glimpse of your inner self.

4. Are You In Danger?

Every application has got its demerits and same is the case with every x-ray photography tool as well. People think it to be a danger for women but let me tell you that those women who wear proper clothing like wearing a bra under your top never can get themselves be nudified with this application. This application can make you get x-rayed only if the top you wearing is thin enough to give a glimpse and that’s it. Those who wear thick tops or wear something under their top as well always get an advantage over this application.


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