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How to Make a WWE United States Championship Belt


WWE belt is a dream come true for all wrestling lovers. You have to earn it by fighting and winning in the ring combating it with best wrestling players in the U.S and if you purchase a copy of it from the market, it can cost you a very expensive amount in return. Though replica belts and copies of this belt are also in fashion, but to waste your money on something which is a copy is never advised as it is a copy after all and thus to make one such belt at home instead of purchasing it is always a good idea. In order to make WWE United States Championship belt at home, you can bring the following tips in use:-

how to make a wwe United States Championship belt

How to Make a WWE United States Championship Belt

1. Watch out Any U.S Wrestler or WWE Player’s Belt Design on Internet:-

When you watch out any US wrestler WWE fight, just keep a watch on that wrestler’s belt design in order to keep it in your memory for a better making approach. If possible, capture a screenshot of one such player on your mobile or laptop or computer and keep it saved to watch it whenever you need it.

2. Take a Colored Print Out of One Such Belt Design from Google Images:-

Now take a colored printout of WWE belt hologram design. You can even purchase a WWE hologram sticker for your belt or you can even make it yourself with cardboard sheet fixing a clean white paper with the help of glue on it and then designing it with the help of sketches, marker and colors.

3. Size Your Leather:-

If you wish to give a realistic feel to your WWE belt, you can make it with leather. You can choose any creative approach to make your WWE belt but you will need materials like leather, cardboard, measuring scale, cutting tools etc. in order to make it. If you are making a leather WWE belt, you can begin with scrap leather.

4. Shape your belt:-

Take measurement of your waist and hips with the help of a tailor’s measuring tape. Note down these specifications on a piece of paper. It is better if leather that you have it a bit longer than this length noted by you. Now all we have to do is to shape up leather in shape of WWE belt and to implant a metal plate on it. The rough structure of our belt will be built like this and we can attach a Velcro as well as WWE hologram sticker/image/print out on it.

5. Giving It a Final Touch:-

You can ask an iron smith to shape up a plate of metal in the form of WWE belt sign to use it with your belt putting on spray paint of desired color on it. If you need a professional feel or else a print out or sticker of the same sign will suit the best. You can take the other specifications of your belt according to the image or screenshot that we had captured in the initial step to give details to our belt. A black polish on the leather will make it shine like anything.


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