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How to Write Beginning of a Novel

how to write an effective beginning to a novel


A novel is basically a long story book which is generally more than the size of a novella or a novelette and completely focuses on a story with each and every angle and includes even the slightest of feelings of characters included in it. Most of the online websites these days offer free sample chapters of your books and this includes some initial pages of your book which means the beginning of your book so that the audience may have a better idea of what you have written in it and so that they may be able to purchase it if they feel interested. In order to make a novel appealing for the readers, you should keep the beginning apt and significant. Here are some ways in which you can begin your novel:-

How to Write Beginning of a Novel

How to Write Beginning of a Novel

1. Make the Cover Page Ready:-

Cover page of your novel is always more important as none of the readers are allowed to read story while standing in the book shop and thus most of them judge your book only by its cover. They choose only the book with an appealing cover page. Keep the cover page of your novel attractive enough to attract attention of your readers.

2. Prepare an Index if you need:-

If the manuscript of your novel book has been written in the form of chapters with significant headings, you can make a separate index for each of these chapters in your novel adding it in the beginning mentioning each chapter with its page number. Besides this, you should also give a significant and apt heading to each of your novel’s chapters so that an urge may get developed in your reader’s minds to read the book by just reading the names of its chapters.

3. Go for a Preface:-

A preface is a work from a novelist author’s side in which he gives a short analysis of what his book contains. If you are able to write your book’s preface in a curiosity creating and suspense creating way or if you are able to create a feeling to know more in the minds of your readers, you can think that your novel is going to be a great success.

4. Acknowledge Your Readers:-

Add a page of acknowledgement before beginning the story. You can thank all people concerned or connected with your novel in this portion. Don’t forget to mention credits for cover page/ editing/ back page and other such supporting hands that helped you to bring this novel to life.

5. Begin Drawing the Background or Plot of Your Story:-

After building a page of acknowledgement, you can begin your story finally. You should keep making audience familiar with the characters and scenes from the very beginning. Draw the plot and background in such a way that not even a single page appears boring to your readers.

6. Give Audience the Clue of Your Scene:-

Some of the online/offline book stores offer a free reading of initial pages of your book and they also allow a free sample pdf reading in which the readers can read initial pages of your novel for free. For this reason, the first forty to fifty pages of your novel’s story should be written with very much care. If you are able to impress readers in this portion of your book, they will surely read the rest of it as well.


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