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6 Ways To Write And Record Your Own Music

How To Write And Record Your Own Music


Music can be described as an art form or a cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. The common elements of music are pitch, rhythm etc. It is written in the form of lyrics, which can be taken from a ballad or any other form of poetry or style or genre. The written parts of the lyrics are then recorded with musical instruments and voice making it converted to the form of a song. There are special recording studios available for this purpose, but if you wish to create a collection of your own, here are some tips that will prove to be of a great use for you:-

How To Write And Record Your Own Music

6 Ways To Write And Record Your Own Music

1. Prepare A Lyrical Composition:-

Lyrics or Lyrical composition is a collection of words that make up a song. In order to create a lyrical composition, you will need to apply all the rules of composing lyrics in your form of composition or you can go for a freestyle composition if you are not familiar with the rules of composition. Don’t forget to keep in mind the factors like rhythm and flow to make it a better part of the composition.

2. Remove the Flaws:-

Secondly, here comes the time to remove flaws in your composition. This includes you to use substitutes of words which do not follow perfect rhyme or rhythm. You can change the words with rhythmic synonyms following a specific rhyme scheme in your work of composition. If possible, make your work get double checked by a professional composer, so as to get even the slightest flaws removed from it.

3. Sing It Along With Music:-

When your lyrical work is ready, all that you will need to do now is to sing it along with the music. This can include you to sing along with the beat of a guitar or piano without using multiple instruments. If you can sing it in your voice, everybody can sing the song. Just record it roughly in your smart phone to listen to it afterwards and finalize it for recording if you think it is perfect.

4. Set up the Recording Apparatus:-

Here comes the time to set up the recording apparatus for recording the song. It is better if you can hire a music studio or else you can set up a recording apparatus yourself with the help of multiple recording gadgets, devices and software.

5. Record It with Musical Instruments:-

Here comes the time to go for a final recording. The final recording can be a sing-alone recording or a sing along with the instruments kind of recording depending on the availability of approaches with you. Even the sing-alone recording can be merged with the beat of drums and other instruments afterwards using a music editing software.

6. Go for the Mixing, Numbering, Editing Etc:-

Last but not the least, here comes the time for video mixing, editing and numbering. While adding numbering to the video, we add the name of an album or song, the names of crew members as well as the name of lyricist, singer, director and other such members associated with the music making. The finalized work of music is then converted into multiple CD’s and DVD’s to sell them in the market.


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