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How to Write a Vehicle Accident Report

how to write a motor vehicle accident report


The traffic accident reporting includes number of steps to identify the intensity of the accident. First of all, the place where the accident has occurred and the time of that occurrence need to be reported to the local police station. The driver should also report the weather condition during the crash time. Specific place details like the street number, nearest landmark, miles marker, etc. are to be mentioned in the vehicle accident report.

How to Write a Vehicle Accident Report

How to Write a Vehicle Accident Report

In the second step, all vehicle details are to be provided to the authorized person. These details includes model name, number, car make details, registration number, issue date, the area of damage and the estimated cost to cure the damages. The other vehicle who is involved in the car crash incident also needs to be stated.

In the third step, the driver details such as name, driving license, date of birth, residential proof, gender, insurance number also need to be conveyed to the accident reporting authority. Note that, other property damages should be identified at the time of car crash and the user should report it accordingly. After completion of these steps, the car owner can calculate how much cost is involved to fix the issue.

What about the injured person?

Identification of the person who has been injured in that accident is necessary. One should note the name, address, age and other associated details of the injured person. The witness should also state the degree of injury the person had experienced and which part of the body has been affected. If the injured has been admitted, the name of the hospital also needs to be conveyed while reporting to the police station. It is also necessary to identify each injured person and their residential address as well.

In the next stage, the person should describe what actually happened at that time. It is extremely necessary to identify the presence of any witness. The name, address and age of the witness also need to be reported to the authority. After that a narrative description of the accident needs to be placed. Remember that the police authority could ask multiple questions. Always try to be confident and do not exaggerate things. One more thing which needs to be detailed is the action of the driver at the time of car crash. If possible, try to chalk out a diagram of the road and all vehicles positioning on that time. Be specific while sketching the accident.

Once the written document and the sketching are over, sign on the document and put the date of accident occurrence. Remember to read the full document before signing it. If any wrong information is found, the higher authority can charge and unnecessary problem will occur. If possible, try to follow a sample car crash report and identify the sequence of writing the car crash report. Finally, remove the irrelevant documents from the report and make it ready to claim insurance. Do not forget to download the vehicle accident report form before reaching the police station.


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