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6 Way to Write a Script For Play and Drama

Write a Script For Play and Drama


A script refers to the written scenes of a play or a story or any other piece of writing. A script is basically a collection of dialogues and this art if not learn, but comes from inside. The professionals can just help you polish up this quality. In case you need to become a script writer, you should be a man of guts and besides having guts, you will also need to be familiar with a particular scene as well. This job seems tough to me, but if it seems to be interesting to you, you may choose to go for it following the tips that we are mentioning here.

Write a Script For Play and Drama

How to Write a Script For Play and Drama

1. Get Familiar with the Literature:-

First of all let me tell you that majorly all of the screenplays that we do are taken from literature and thus you are advised to get familiar with literature first of all. Shakespeare’s play namely the hemlet, Romeo & Juliet etc are the major done plays. Try reading these novels first of all and get familiar with the character’s feelings and situations they come across. This will make you write better dialogues in case you create your own screenplay writing script for it.

2. Take Part in College and Level Plays:-

Try to take part in the college and school based plays and dramas. If you can’t take part in them at least start witnessing them. This will make you experience the works done by people in the field of script writing and thus you will be encouraged and motivated a lot as well.

3. Take Part in Theatre and Drama:-

Don’t even leave this crush afterwards as well. Start organizing the theatre dramas and plays you writing the scripts for those plays and then go for the major ones. Create your own stories and move towards the patriotic stories as well. The better you are able to create situational dialogues, the better your script will get.

4. Go Professional with Some Professional Course in Script writing:-

Try assisting some professional script writer so as to get trained in script writing/ assisting a professional will make you go for the continuous betterment of yourself and rather a professional will be able to make you help with the points where you still leg behind as well.

5. Start Working For Some Private or Government Firm:-

Start getting recognized by working for the local theatre dramas and other such functions. Stay in touch with professionals and start providing your own written scripts for these institutions. The more your scripts get effective the further your name will reach the crowd.

6. Get recognized:-

Besides working for these organizations, you are also advised to go for getting recognized in public by writing your own compositions and scripts. A good script writer just needs a chance and then sky is the limit. Your work should be enough to make people get attract towards you to work in your assistance and this way you will keep on progressing in this field.


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