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6 Steps to Write a Love Song Lyrics For Someone

How to Write a Song Lyrics


A song can be understood as an artistic creation that he makes with his inner talent or his inner thoughts piercing them up in the form of words and then played with expressions, music and words. In simpler words, if I talk, a song can be thought as a musical mode of entertainment or a method to express your emotions through words that have deep emotions for everything depicted in it. A song may depend on various factors, including the genre, rhyme and even the combination of words used in it and in order to compose a great song, you need to follow all what I am mentioning in this article.

6 Steps to Write a Love Song Lyrics For Someone - HowFlux

Write a Love Song Lyrics For Someone

1. Get Inspired From Others Works:-

In order to write a song, The first thing that you can do is to get inspired from the other professionals. You can start by starting to work under some experienced song writer as a student or an intern. Practice lyrics writing under him and bring about the desired improvement in yourself by continuous evaluation and betterment.

2. Get Involved with Your Thoughts:-

When you have learn partially how songs are written, the next thing that you can go for is to get involved with your thoughts. Learn to write our your feelings on a paper in a poetic way as it has been proved that a writer makes the best of his composition when he or she writes his feelings on a paper.

3. Learn How To Play With The Words:-

The more you learn how to play with words, the more you get professional in writing. Make your vocabulary strong while writing and cram up the words that you experience to come new in front of yourself. You can even manage to keep a dictionary along with yourself to learn the meanings of some difficult words and to learn their synonyms and antonyms etc.

4. Keep Stick To The Rhyme Scheme And Don’t Loose Your Path:-

In order to be a good lyricist, It is but obvious that you should work on your rhyme scheme as well. Ensure that you are good at the rhyme scheme and write everything in a poetic way. You can learn a lot about rhyme schemes from some experienced professional and after you come to know how they work, make a good use of them in your songs.

5. Get Attached With The Characters:-

Get attached with characters that you are including in your piece of works. You can choose to get attached with them as well as their feelings. You are advised to properly understand the emotional status of characters so that you may be able to express their state of mind in a better way. Like suppose you are explaining the grief of some lover, you will have to express the exact condition he is undergoing through or suppose if you are writing on some situation or condition, you fully have to describe it with your words as well.

6. Paper, Pen And Peace of Mind:-

After you have achieved all what I have explained here, You just need a pen, a paper and some silence so as to think better and write all of your words in the perfect sense. Though you may find yourself unsuccessful many a times, still you should keep on practicing as it makes you go for continuous betterment of the lyricist hidden in you.


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