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How to Write a Book Acknowledgement

how to write a book acknowledgement


An acknowledgement is a statement of gratitude for assistance in producing a work. In every book, novel, novella, poetry book etc. an author always begins from one page of gratitude/acknowledgement just after the cover page or the cost and copyright page of his book. This page follows the index and then the actual book begins. No book is complete without an acknowledgement. Even the project reports and school files these days are based on acknowledgements to make them look presentable. If you are also working on a book, you can follow these steps to write an acknowledgement for it:-

how to write a book acknowledgement

How to Write a Book Acknowledgement

1. Begin With a Personal Touch:-

An acknowledgement always starts with a personal touch. Suppose your name is Ram and you are writing a novel, which is a love story. You can begin acknowledgement of your book like “Hello friends, your Ram is back this time with a love story. I would like to beg an apology from your side for not writing since much time. I received your letters, but I had some other works to complete. I accomplished those works as soon as I could and now I am back again with a new story”

2. Thank God or Your Parents/Family:-

You can thank god or your parent after this. i.e. “I would like to thank god first of all as he made me able to write. I will also like to thank my parents who are like second god for me as they gave birth to me”. You can personalize the words according to your way of writing.

3. Thank Your Friends who supported you:-

Now you can thank the friends who supported you in writing this book. i.e. “I would like to thank Mr. Parvesh Kumar for being a supporting hand for me during this novel and for fortifying my situation as I was going through a bad time in life”. The number of friends can be countless but you should keep in mind not to make it look boring by flooding it with countless names.

4. Thank the Other People Connected With Your Book:-

Besides your friends, you should also not forget to thank all the other people related directly or indirectly to your book. i.e. “I would like to thank all others who remained directly or indirectly with me in my journey to complete this book”.

5. Thank the Ones Who Made This Book Possible:-

Also not forget to thank the ones who made this story or book possible. This can be someone amongst your friends, another writer or someone amongst your relatives. You can even mention the name of your inspiration with this line. i.e. “I will like to thank Deepti, who was there with me from my journey from first page to last page of this book”.

6. End with a Positive Approach:-

End with a positive approach. You can also mention that you will like to apologize if you forgot to mention names of anyone connected with the book. Then there comes the turn of your signature or you can simply write your name under it.


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