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5 Steps to Write a Bibliography for anything

How to Write a Bibliography


A Bibliography refers to the mention of the references of your research. When someone writes an article or a report on anything, he or she is sure to take reference from some book, some novel, some web site or some newspaper rather and all this is mentioned by him on a specific page so as to save himself against the copyright means. By mentioning the original authors of the stuff that he took reference from, he is actually not taking the credit himself and is hence giving the credit to the original writers. This mention that he makes on a specific page is referred to as a bibliography. In order to write a bibliography you need to take care of some important things that we are mentioning here.

5 Steps to Write a Bibliography for an Article, Book etc

How to Write a Bibliography for an Article

1. Keep A Specific Paper Reserved For This Purpose:-

You are advised to keep a blank paper reserved at the end of your document so as to write a bibliography. If you are writing it with hand, you may choose to make a heading “Bibliography” At the start of page and then mention the further things while if you are working in Microsoft word, you may choose to make specific font heading so as to do this and then start mentioning the contents after it.

2. Mention The References:-

Now, after you have done that, start mentioning the names of references afterwards. Like suppose you took a hint from Hindustan times newspaper, you will need to mention the article name, the article publishing date as well as the name of newspaper. If you took hint from some book, Like suppose you took a reference from World encyclopedia book, you will need to mention its name as well as publishing edition.

3. The Proper Way To Address A Reference:-

Keep in mind to use the proper way so as to address a reference like suppose you are mentioning an author’s name, you will need to keep it in an order using letter by letter system. You are advised to keep the first word of the name in capital letter and use the DD-MM-YY style or MM-DD-YY style so as to mention the dates.

4. Proper Formatting:-

Keep in mind so as to be careful about the spellings of author’s names as well as their creations as authors are always concerned about how their name is mentioned by someone. You are advised to keep the matter underlined or made in italics wherever needed. If you are on a computer set, “Control key + I key” can be selected so as to make a selected portion get changed to italics.

5. Mention the Internet Based Links:-

If you have taken a reference from some internet based website, you are required to mention the link for it as well. Suppose you were copying an article from www.example.com, you will need to mention this link along with the name of article that you took reference from as nowadays even the internet articles and information is copyright protected as well. Remember to mention each and every thing that you took reference from.


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