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How to Workout Deltoid without Weights

How to Workout Deltoid without Weights


Deltoid is a name given to the muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column in the human body. Deltoid is basically a muscle forming the rounded contour of the shoulder. In order to work out their deltoid muscles, women and men shed every drop of their sweat working out for hours with heavy machines and weights. These muscles can rather be easily toned with easy workout strategies that if learnt makes you spare no pain in toning your deltoid muscles. Here are some such exercises which can be bought in use for the same purpose:-

How to Workout Deltoid without Weights

How to Workout Deltoid without Weights

1. Pull-ups as a way to workout deltoids:-

  • Pull ups have been bought in use since centuries for the purpose of working out with deltoids. In order to do pull ups, you will need to look for a pole or slab first. The pole of basket ball ground or football ground will suit the best for this purpose.
  • Just climb the pole with your hands tightly grabbing the upper pipe of pole with your hands in a tight way. Tighten the grip of your hands in the initial step, but then lose yourself to let your body feel light. You have to apply pressure on your hands while making the rest of your body feel light like anything.
  • Try to bring your body upside using the force of pull with your hands. Now take the body downside again and then repeat the same step again to take it upside.

2. Push-ups as a way to workout deltoids:-

  • Pushups are not done while climbing on a pipe, but instead they are done on the floor itself. Just lie down on floor with your chest touching the ground first. Position your hands with palms put down and width of about your shoulder length between them. Your elbows should be pointed towards your toes and your toes should be curled upwards.
  • Keep your hands straight and move your chest upwards while keeping your knees still straight in such a way that only your arms and chest get raised but your toes still stay touched with the floor.
  • There are many ways in which people do this exercise and thus it is better you learn your push-up position while seeing someone performing this exercise or through self help YouTube videos.

3. Doing press-ups:-

A Press-up is an exercise that challenges your deltoid muscles as well as the surrounding area to make them toned enough. In order to follow any of the above mentioned exercises, it is always better to talk with a trainer first as doing such exercises with a bad approach can often result in muscle or joint pain as well.

4. Stand up and Pushup:-

In simple push-up, we were on the floor, but in stand-up push-up, we stand with each push-up that we make and again we lie down in the same way to make another push-up following the same standing position and then repeating the step. Climbing the stairs in fast and speedy manner can also help you with your deltoids in a favorable way.


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