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5 Best Ways to Workout Chest Muscles

best ways to Workout Chest Muscles


If you have joined a gym in order to make chest like that of a wrestler or a weight lifter, you must be working out on your chest as well. Chest muscles serve to be the most important part of the body when we are targeting to achieve a body which is seen with its toned outline. A muscular and chiseled body is what everyone expects for and in order to make your chest muscles toned, you will surely need to spare your sweat in picking up heavy pipes with weights fitted on both sides. You will need to do bench press exercises as well as other such chest toning exercises in order to shape-up your chest. If you still feel doubtful about this, here are some ways which can be adopted when you workout on your chest muscles:-

best ways to Workout Chest Muscles

5 Best Ways to Workout Chest Muscles

1. Bench Press Exercises:-

Keep your barbells ready to do this exercise. Keep the barbell bench ready with barbells positioned on either side. Now start lifting barbells while bringing them close to your chest one time and then moving them back again. Follow the same approach each time and soon you will see a significant effect taking place with your chest.

2. A slanted bench press:-

One of the exercising benches is a flat one while the other is slightly slanted, often with a mirror positioned in front of it. This exercise can also be done in order to stabilize the chest muscles. Remember not to keep the weight too much heavy while doing this exercise as it takes more effort than the simple bench press.

3. Use weight pulling machine:-

There is a machine in each gym with pulling units attached to it with the help of wires. You just handle a pipe in your hands attached to steel rope from the other side connected with bricks of weight moving up and down each time you pull the rope with pipes connected to it. This machine can also help you a lot in toning your chest muscles.

4. Perform Pushups and Stand Pushups:-

Pushups and Pullups were in existence, even when the concept of the gym was not widely adopted. These include you to make chest muscle exercises while lying on the floor or while climbing a pipe. In order to do a push up, just keep your hand flat on floor making a ninety degree angle. Your toes should be touching the ground from the other side and your knees should be kept straight. Take your chest upside and then down each time without using much pressure on your hands and without bending your knees. On the other hand, pull up refers to the way of climbing a pipe/pole and then using your hands to take your body upside one time and downside the other time.

5. Do Not Choose Each Day as Chest Day:-

The problem with some new gymmers is that they try their hand on each and every gym equipment from the very first day. This is not advisable. Keep each and every day reserved for a separate part of your body. Say Sunday can be kept for rest, Monday to work out on chest, Tuesday for biceps, Thursday for triceps and so on. All such exercises should be completed only after consulting with a gym trainer first as only he can tell you the perfect and a flawless way of doing such exercises.


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