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How to Work At Home When You Have a Child

how to work at home when you have a child


Mothers are fine till they are not pregnant, but once they have a child, the responsibilities on their shoulders get increased and besides this, their works also get increased. With a newly born baby, many new jobs arise. For example, changing the baby’s diapers, making him have a bath, massaging his/her body with baby oil, brooming and mopping the floor, cooking food, attending the other members of the family etc. There can be many other such tasks that a mother has to complete once she gives birth to a baby. Though till some time you can manage to call some older women to assist you, but even she is sure to leave after some time as everybody has got their own home and works to look after. Here are some ways which can be adopted to work at home in such a time:-

how to work at home when you have a child

How to Work At Home When You Have a Child

1. A Perfect Mother Works with Time-Table:-

It has been rightly said that a perfect mother is a mother of time table. Just organize all your works according to time and keep accomplishing them by putting them in the order of priority and preference. Attend and feed the baby first and then complete all the other household works when the baby is asleep.

2. Look When Other Members Can Prove To Be an Advantage for you:-

Other members can really be an advantage for you sometimes. For example, if your mother in law enters your room to check out the baby for a moment, just ask her to look after the baby for some time and till then you can complete the important job works of your household. The same can be done when any other person enters the room in her place.

3. Engage Yourself in Some Blogging or Home Based Working Business:-

If you wish to work for money, you can engage with some blog or survey based program at home in order to earn money while writing articles or completing web based online surveys. You can also make a YouTube channel for yourself monetizing it with the help of Google Ad sense to make money with videos.

4. Hire a Baby Sitter If the Baby Is Old enough:-

If the baby is old enough, you can rely on a baby sitter or baby’s grandmother to look after it while you move outside for some job in a company. Baby sitters sometimes take their work lightly and thus you can ask some neighboring lady to keep on inspecting the baby sitter in between.

5. Stay Disciplined:-

Stay disciplined with your routine and timetable that you follow. Never let the job come in between you and your baby if you have started working for a particular firm. The workload from office should never be brought forward to home as else it will make you fall a prey to stress and anxiety being an impediment for your working life as well as life as a homemaker or housewife. Don’t forget to attend the baby yourself when you arrive home as else the baby may forget your touch.


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