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How to Work and Study at the Same Time

how to manage work and study at the same time


It is said that the one who rides two boats at the same time will always meet a fall in the midstream. It seems to be really an impossible kind of task when we talk about working and studying at the same time. Both these activities require equal attention when you perform them, but instead I would say that it is never impossible to commit both these jobs if you can pay attention to what needs your attention at a particular point of time. Besides this if you can save your mind from being diverted, you can surely work and study together at the same time. Here we are mentioning some tips to help you within the same:-

how to manage work and study at the same time

How to Work and Study at the Same Time

1. Time Management:-

Time management is one of the key traits which can help you when you try to engage yourself in two tasks at a time. Let me make you understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you have to reach your office late someday, you can meanwhile attend a class in your college to make yourself familiar with all what’s going on in the college. Attending even a single class is enough in some cases.

2. Managing The Circumstances:-

In some universities like Delhi University etc. it is a rule that the student who does not attends classes in a regular way will have to produce his/her medical certificate in case he/she stays absent from the class. In such cases, you should not get admitted into a regular class program, but instead you can choose to go for distance education programs like that of M.D.U (Maharishi Dayanand University).

3. Maintain Proper Attendance:-

If you are a regular student, proper attendance will surely be needed for a better academic performance and thus we will advise you to attend all the cases. You can join some part time teaching institute after college or you can engage yourself in home tuitions or online world of earning in such cases.

4. Consider Special Classes and Lectures:-

If you are admitted in some distance education program, you should never forget to attend the Sunday lectures and special lectures that college and university keep on organizing for your benefit. Besides this, you should also keep in mind to collect notes and names of help books and reference books from the concerned faculty head as well.

5. Never Skip Important Days:-

It is ok if you miss one or two normal day lecture but there are some important topics which should not be left unattended at all. Go through your syllabus and ask the teacher about the most scoring topics. Never leave the lectures of such topics if you are working besides learning.

6. Keep In Touch With Friends:-

Take Whatsapp, Facebook and mobile number contact of your friends or their mailing address or postal address so that you may be able to contact them when the other ways of contacting are not available. Staying in touch with each other will enable you to take notes and special exam preparation materials from each other. Sharing is good for health and even your academic performance.


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