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What is Women’s Empowerment Becoming a Reality

What Is Women Empowerment


Women empowerment refers to the way we should treat women in order to make her status uplifted in the society. There was a time when women were not allowed to go out of the house and she was meant to stay meek. She was merely supposed to be a commodity, but then there came an era when women felt that is she keeps on getting suppressed like this only, her existence would be lost and there would be no existence for her name and thus the need for women empowerment was felt.

What is Women's Empowerment Becoming a Reality

What is Women’s Empowerment Becoming a Reality

Why Need For Women Empowerment?

Being thought as a physically weak sex, the status of women has always remained pathetic and as a result it can be seen that an average villager women’s life is spent making cow dung cakes while the ones who are given a chance have proven that once given a chance women can prove even better than males. There are countless examples supporting this from Indian culture as well. “Chandra Kocchar” who is the M.D and C.E.O of ICICI bank has been nominated as the most powerful women business tycoon.

The world today is proud to have sportspersons like Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal, who always stay at the top of the list and not just these names only, but today’s woman does not even leave a chance for her male counterparts to speak wherever she stands. Even the male counterparts fear to speak where the personalities like Mayawati, Sushma Swaraj and  Sumitra Mahajan are speaking. This has proven that we should try our best to uplift the status of women to uplift the nation.

What Is Included In Women Empowerment?

Basically, all the things from reservation for her in the schools, colleges and politics to the preference that is given to a person by the laws in heir the parental property. Women empowerment means to provide equal rights to women as men are getting and to provide every possible facility for the upliftment of her.

What Would Be The Results of Empowerment of Women?

When women get empowered, the nation will also get empowered. The country does not only needs economic capital for its growth but the human capital is also equally important in transformation of a developing nation to a developed nation and thus the development of women would generate more working hands and thus more human capital would be supporting the country. The country would get even more business female entrepreneurs and even more female workers. The world of women would come out of the kitchen and there would be a hope for betterment of her status besides the hope for the development of nation.

Are Women Really Weak?

Women are thought to be a weak thing, but is it really true that women is weak. Well, actually the society is male dominated and ever since the time the bible was written, women have been depicted by the writers to be weaker than men. Actually it is a difference of mentality and there is no emotional difference amongst both the sexes but the difference is just physical. Women empowerment would become such an eye opener as when women will move out of the society, the society would get Omni-dominated and thus there would be no sex left weak.


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