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Why Women Eat Sour During Pregnancy

Why Women Eat Sour During Pregnancy


Eating sour food in the stage of pregnancy is one of the psychological phenomena. A woman is normal to ask for pickles, tamarind and other such things during this stage. For example, the taste of lemon is sour, but still a woman is likely to eat lemon pickle when she is about to get pregnant. This happens due to a variety of reasons and most of them are associated with the women’s body itself.  If you understand the changes taking place with your body, you will also come to understand the reason for this to happen to you. Some reasons to the same question can be explained as follows:-

Why Women Eat Sour During Pregnancy

Why Women Eat Sour During Pregnancy

1. The release of gastric acids:-

In the early stage of pregnancy, a release of gastric acids takes place in your body which means that the activity of digestive enzymes will get reduced. This will cause you to vomit, and a loss of appetite, nausea and other such symptoms will also be noticed. Sour food can stimulate the secretion of this acid and thus women seek to eat sour substances in order to aid this problem and to increase the activity of digestive enzymes in their body.

2. To cope up with vomiting:-

I told you earlier that a woman is likely to experience sickness, including signs like that of vomiting during the stage of pregnancy and as we know that the best way to cope up with vomiting is to eat something sour, we eat sour food items. This can be understood by taking an example of bus sickness. Some people who experience the problem of vomiting while sitting in the bus are advised to keep a sliced lemon with some salt sprinkled on it in their hands to keep licking it during their journey. This is done because of the same reason.

3. To Assist The Fetal Skeleton:-

Within the first three months of pregnancy, the fetal skeleton begins to start nourishing. As we know that all our bones are made of Calcium, we need to supply it for fetal formation and it is best supplied in the form of acidic foods as the digestive system in this stage is weak enough to tolerate the normal items.

4. Aid the Absorption of Iron:-

Acidic food items bring about a desired improvement in the absorption of iron content in the human body. They also promote the formation of hemoglobin, which is one of the oxygen carriers.  Iron is one of the most essential trace metals and this is proves to be a better option in relieving the pregnant women against deficiency of iron, which can else result in the disease called anemia in her body.

5. Rich in content of Vitamin-C:-

Most of the sour substances are rich in the content of Vitamin-C or ascorbic acid. The content of this acid is necessary for maternal nutrition and fatal nutrition (Related to fetus). This vitamin also enhances the mother’s immunity and prevents the skin degradation as well. Besides this, acidic contents increase the digestive processes in a woman’s body and thus she feels better than before.


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