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Why Women Fake Orgasms with Husband

why women fake orgasm with husband


An orgasm is a kind of excitement or swelling which causes a kind of sexual climax that includes a sudden discharge of excitement associated with a sexual feeling. This serves to be an integral part of sexual cycle and results in a rhythmic muscular contraction in the pelvic region characterized by the sexual pleasure. Orgasm is an involuntary kind of action that includes autonomic nervous system. It makes us relaxed and feels satisfied. Though an orgasm relates with both males and females, but still women often fake these orgasms. Here are some reasons that can be given in response to this statement:-

Why Women Fake Orgasms with Husband

Why Women Fake Orgasms with Husband

1. In order to seduce their partner:-

Most of the women fake orgasms in order to please their partner.  Men often pleased to see that they have made their female partner experience orgasm and when they make her do so; they feel like they have won a battle. This seduces them and encourages them to go for more. A woman thus fakes orgasm to seduce her partner and to make him pleased with her actions and responses in this stage.

2. They Feel Like Driving Their Partner or Gaining a Control over Him:-

By faking an orgasm, most of women have intentions to make their partner attracted more towards them. They do this in order to drive his nuts crazy in order to do more and thus it helps them to gain a complete control over him. Women dominated and husband becomes submissive to her this way.

3. Sometimes Even When They Are Not In A Mood To Satisfy Your Request:-

Sometimes, it has rather been seen that a woman is not in the intentions to go for an orgasm but her mate is in total intentions to make her have an orgasm and in such a case, she fakes it in order to please her husband in order to satisfy his request because of the respect that she has for him and their relationship.

4. In order to save herself from discomfort sometimes:-

There is a saying in our group of guys that a perfect guy is the one who can make a girl cry while having sex with her. We never even care about how she feels while having sex or how much it pains her. In order to save her from the extra pain that having sex can cause her, a woman thus tries to fake an orgasm in such situations.

5.  Lack of Technique and Position:-

A woman feels pain only when you use wrong sex positions, it can suffocate her sometimes and thus she tries to fake orgasm. Some husbands are also habitual of taking time in bed while having sex with their partner and thus it relates women with stress waiting for her partner to get hot. In such cases, the lack of proper position, posture and technique can also make a women fake orgasm.

6. Sometimes, Even Because of Inner Discourse:-

In some cases, a woman is either sick or there is some inner discourse going on in her mind because of family responsibilities and home based work or words of the other members of the family. In such cases also she is equally likely to fake an orgasm.


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