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Why Women Expect Their Husbands To Cook

Why Women Expect Husbands To Cook


In earlier times when someone used to ask women,” What kind of boy will you like to marry?” a single answer was expected from their side,” I want a boy who is tall, dark and handsome”. Well, gone are the days when women used to expect such a kind of boy in order to get married with him and instead in today’s world, women expect someone who is a great cook and as a result, we are seeing a great number of men who know how to cook as they prepare themselves in advance for their wives. We tried to research and find an answer to this question and we found out the following results:-

Why Women Expect Their Husbands To Cook

Why Women Expect Their Husbands To Cook

1. Women Are Always Keen To Eat Food:-

First and foremost, women are always keen to eat food. They are keen to eat and thus they really appreciate when their husband themselves cook for them. Often you must have seen that women of cities like visiting a new restaurant every time, but they get satisfied with just one cook when it is their husband.

2. They Like Dominating Their Husbands:-

Yes, a woman likes dominating her husband. Since ages women has been suffering because of male dominated society. When a woman’s husband is a good cook, she gets a chance to dominate him. Obviously her husband is a male and by dominating him, she thinks that her purpose got fulfilled. This is what we call feminism. Women of today are interested more in dominating rather than in being dominated.

3. These Are Modern Times:-

Those were the olden times when women were supposed to stay meek and she was supposed to stay dominated. Her boundaries were limited just to the walls of her house as she was just meant to be a housewife. Times changed and women were successful in moving out and making a mark for her. She was now turned into a working lady and when both the partners can move out for working, they can divide work with each other also.

4. Take it as another Trait of Feminism:-

To wish for a husband who can cook is perhaps another trait of feminism. Women these days are obsessed more about themselves than about being obsessed about anyone else and this is right also. We can take it as a change or obsessiveness of women in some cases when she wishes not to cook food herself and instead wishes to marry a good cook.

5. When A Girl Can Cook, Why A Boy Can’t:-

If you ask a girl this question,” Why do you like to marry a husband who cooks rather than willing for a husband for whom you can cook”, you will probably get an answer, “When a girl can cook for her husband, why can’t he cook for his wife”. I find nothing wrong in this stamen and I personally think that even boys can cook sometimes for the sake of their wives.

6.  To Ensure a Perfect Partner:-

For girls of twenty first century, a good partner is one who fulfills all these leisure and basic needs. For a girl, the biggest leisure and pleasure is to get a perfect husband and for them, a perfect husband is one who prepares food, sometimes for her so that she may just lie over the bed and enjoy the food like a queen. In some other cases, women wish for someone who is self-reliant and independent which is why they wish that their husband should be a good cook besides being a good person.


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