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6 Easy Steps to Withdraw Money from ATM Card

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Card


ATM is an electronic machine that enables us to make money related transactions by making the swipe of our ATM card with the machine. This is the easiest way to withdraw money as banks can not stay opened 24×7 for you and thus this technique is the most appropriate one so as to make money related transactions any time without physically going to the bank. You just need to go to the dedicated ATM machine and you can bring your ATM card in use so as to get the money you want after deducting it from your account by the means of this machine.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Card

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Card

1. Insert The Card:-

First of all, after reaching the ATM card, you will need to insert ATM card in the gate of the ATM booth at the dedicated space of it and then take it back. Now, after entering the ATM booth, you will need to do the same with the TAM machine, simply insert the TAM card in the machine at the place dedicated for this purpose and then take the ATM out back.

2. Click On The Banking Button:-

After you have got your ATM card back, there a screen will appear that will show you various options. You have to choose banking option from these. If the ATM card was not properly inserted, It will display you a message,” Insert Your ATM card again” and then you will need to enter your ATM card again in the ATM machine.

3. Choose From The Savings Or Current Account:-

After choosing the Banking option, you will need to choose the account type. If you have a savings account, you will need to click the savings option or if it is a current account, you will need to choose the current account option, your account will get opened this way. The ATM will ask you for the pin code each time you make a transaction and the four character Pin code needs to be entered each time the machine asks you.

4. Fast Transaction:-

There is an option of fast cash that is provided with ATM machine. You can choose to click the fast cash option if you need to get cash faster. You just need to click the amount that you need. There will be numbers displayed on the screen like 100, 500, 1000 etc. and you can click any of these that you want to make transaction with

5. Enter The Money To Be Withdrawn:-

If you need not go for the fast cash, you can choose to enter the amount that you want by simply entering the amount in the dedicated amount option and get the amount deducted from your account. You can choose to click on get receipt option if you need a written receipt for it.

6. Get the Receipt:-

Collect the cash from dedicated space for cash and count the number of notes. Make sure to collect the receipt from the dedicated receipt space and this way you will be able to withdraw money from ATM. You are advised to click on the cancel button before leaving the ATM booth.


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