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How to Wire a Three Way Switch with One Light (5 Steps)

How to Wire a Three Way Switch with One Light


A three way switch is the one that makes a light be able to be controlled from multiple locations. You can control a light both from your ground floor as well as first floor using this combination and thus it proves really helpful. Often these kind of combinations are used when there are multiple people living in a building that have to use the same appliance. Electrically a three way switch is a single pole double throw type of switch that is wired making connection of two of the switches together and if one more is included, it becomes a four way switch. If you also wish to wire a three way switch, you should give a try to the following tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Wire a Three Way Switch with One Light

How to Wire a Three Way Switch

1. Select a Wire of Proper Size Along With the Proper Tools:-

In order to wire a three way switch first of all you will need to select a wire of the proper size along with proper length or you may choose to go for taking the help of your electrician adviser in order to do this. According to our sources, #12 copper wires are minimum size for a 20amp circuit breaker and #14 is the minimum size for a 12amp circuit breaker or fuse that can be bought in use to wire a three way switch.

2.  Shut off the Power Supply Mains Switch:-

If you try to make the three way wiring with mains switch on, this might cause some unfortunate to you as well as the power supply and thus you should keep the power mains switch off in advance so that there may be no problem caused because of it.

3. Position a Two Wire Cable between the Power Sources:-

Now all what you are left with is to make connections. Generally there is an outer P.V.C covering on every wire that when trimmed gives you three, two to three wires out of it. You have to connect the Ground wire out of these wires to the neutral terminal bar and black wire to the circuit breaker and white to the neutral supply.

4. Making the Rest of Wiring Arrangement:-

Now you have to make the rest of the switch board’s arrangements like the connection of inverter wire opening the screws of the switchboard and then after making the connections you can assemble back the board again in its proper place.

5. Follow a Three Way Switch Diagram for Making the Connection:-

If you go by the internet, there are many three way switch diagrams provided. Simply download one of these three ways switch circuit diagrams and follow it in order to make the circuit connections or else you may choose to go for the YouTube Video option for A Brief Wiring Set up learning and that too viewing while learning.


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