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How to Make Winxp Turn off the Computer Automatically

How to Make Windows-XP Turn off the Computer Automatically


Windows-XP is a personal computer operating system which was produced by Microsoft as a part of Windows-NT family of operating systems. It was released for manufacture on August 24th, 2001 and since then; it has become a widely used operating system. Though many other operating systems like Windows-7, 8, 10 etc. have arrived after this version and people always like to use updated operating systems, but this operating system was so light and effective that even today most of the photographers, working professionals etc. use the same operating system for making their job works. In order to make windows-XP turn off the computer automatically, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Make Winxp Turn off the Computer Automatically

How to Make Winxp Turn off the Computer

1. Use shutdown.exe:-

Windows XP comes loaded with a feature called shutdown.exe which comes pre-loaded in this operating system within the system32 folder which can be located under the C:\ folder. If you had installed windows in some other folder, the system 32 folder will be located in the same drive where you had installed windows in your computer.

2. Find Control Panel:-

At the lower most left hand side of your windows-XP screen, you will find an option to locate the start menu. Once you click the start button, you will be taken to the list of programs present within the computer and one such option from the same list will be the option for ‘Control Panel’. You have to click this option in order to open Control panel. This is the same place where all the controls and options to make changes with the files, folders and programs installed in your computer lie. Now when you reach control panel, there will be an option for “Scheduled Tasks”, you have to click this option. If you don’t find this option, you can instead locate the option for “Performance and Maintenance”, the option for scheduled tasks will be found in this category only.

3. Move Forward With the Schedule Task Wizard:-

We will now move forward with the schedule task wizard.  Once you have click “Scheduled Tasks” option, you can click the “Next” button which will be displayed in front of you on screen and then you can click “Browse” button that appears next. Now Browse to C:\Windows\system32 and select the program shutdown.exe and then after selecting it, select “Daily” to perform the task.

4. Enter the username and password:-

The system will ask you to enter the username and password now. Just enter them after entering the desired time for shutdown and then once you save these settings within the control panel of your computer, the computer will automatically meet a shut-down process daily at the desired time that you have pre-provided to your computer’s operating system.

5. Making Changes With The Shut Down Time:-

The auto shutdown option suits best for those who are habitual of working till late night and who are supposed to fall asleep on the same working table without even switching off the computer properly after making it get shut down. Such people can specify any time to their computer using the same strategy so that the computer might itself get shutdown preventing the windows from staying awake for long time and thus preventing windows from getting corrupt in case of an unexpected power-cut.


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