Windows 7 – Best Computer Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 - Best Computer Tips and Tricks


Windows-7 was a windows operating system built by Microsoft before the windows 2008 had come to the markets. This version of windows was released to manufacturing on 22nd of July 2009 and became available to public on 22nd of November 2009 and even today people use this version of windows within their systems as it used to have a better user-computer harmony as compared even to the latest versions. Here we are explaining some of the tips and tricks that will prove helpful for you while using this version of windows.

Windows 7 - Best Computer Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 – Best Computer Tips and Tricks

1. Finding the “Run” Option from Menu:-

The run option can be easily accessed with a shortcut even if you do not find it. Simply press window key along with the “R” key and the run menu will open that you can use in order to find applications even if you don’t have their shortcuts on the desktop. Say you wish to open Microsoft word, simply open run menu and type “winword” Microsoft word will get opened.

2. Installing and Uninstalling the Applications:-

For the purpose of installing and uninstalling the applications, there is a dedicated option provided in the control panel. You can even choose to manage the printers and other attached devices here or you may even make changes with the network options as well.

3. Some Shortcuts to Be Used In Execution of Microsoft Applications:-

While you are trying to use Microsoft applications, there are some dedicated shortcuts that you can bring in use. If you have to copy something, you can use “control” + “C” and to paste it in some other file you may use control + “V”, to select all what has been represented on screen, you can press control + “A” or in order to select just a limited amount of text, control key along with the arrow keys can be pressed.

4. Control + Alt + Delete For Ending Any Task:-

Often it has been seen that when you try to run multiple applications at a same time, the computer gets hung in between and all the applications stop responding at once. In such situations you may choose to press “control” + “Alt” + “Delete” keys at the same time and the task manager gets opened where you can end all the tasks that you wish.

5. Examine the Energy Use of Your Windows Equipped System:-

You can also examine the energy usage of your windows-7 equipped system by Running command prompt as an administrator and then in command line typing “powercfg –energy -output\Folder\Energy_Report.html” Select the folder for report to be placed and then wait for about a couple of seconds. The report can be obtained from the dedicated folder.

6. Select the Level of Protection Using User Accounts:-

Windows-7 also gives you a freedom to apply all sorts of privacy options to your system. Simply reach the user account options, make changes with the user name, picture, and switch to multiple accounts and make the most out of your system.


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