How to Make Window Cornice Treatments (6 Steps)

How to Make Window Cornice Treatments

How to Make Window Cornice Treatments


A window cornice is an ornamental framework of wood to which curtains are attached by rods with rings or hooks. Cornices are often glided and follow an elaborated design. Such window cornice treatment frameworks suffered to be a great part of decoration till 18th century and they are less in fashion now, but still people who can manage a regular cleaning of their house build window cornices in their home as a part of their room’s interior decoration. In order to give your room a suitable window cornice treatment, the following tips will be helpful for you:-

How to Make Window Cornice Treatments

How to Make Window Cornice Treatments

1. Consider the Place to Be Fixed:-

A window cornice can be fixed either on the outside of a window to prevent rain water from coming inside in a projectile fashion or it can be positioned inside to use curtains with it. The molding of furniture can also be given a cornice treatment. The simplest cornice can be formed with just a crown molding and thus you can begin by just considering the place.

2. The Ingredients needed:-

The ingredients like cornice fabric, glue, foam core sheets, sheets of plywood, ruler, scissor, screws etc. and all other such stuff that can be bought in use as a tool of wood shaping and fixing can be bought in use to make a wooden cornice treatment.

3. Begin by Taking a Measurement:-

The approach begins when we take the measurements of our window. This includes length, breadth and height etc. You can also note how deep is your window located in your wall. Curtains are often positioned taller, wider and longer than your wall and so these specifications will prove helpful while designing the cornice as well.

4. Keep the Structure Rectangular:-

The structure of a window cornice should be kept flat and rectangular if you are positioning it inside the house for positioning curtains. If it is to be positioned on outside portion of a window, it can be made in the form of a projectile which throws each and every raindrop far from the window so that rain water does not comes inside.

5. Sheets of sunmica for a better finish:-

I told you earlier also that wooden cornices are less in fashion in today’s world. This is because of the reason that dirt and spider webs get deposited on it generating a number of bacteria in the room. This means that we will have to clean the wooden cornice regularly if we position it inside the room and thus it is better to glue a sheet of sun-mica on its surface to make it an easy-clean wooden cornice.

6. Begin with a Rough Diagram and Give It a Shape:-

You will have to begin with a rough diagram drawn on the piece of a paper and you will have to follow the same diagram while finalizing your structure. Just cut off the wooden sheets of desired size comparing then with the noted specifications and join them to give it a shape. The resulting structure can be glued with sheets of fiber trimmed to desired size and then the structure will be positioned at perfect place to use it with the window.