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How to Make Window Cleaning Solution

How to Make Window Cleaning Solution with Vinegar


Vinegar and lemon are simply the two best natural cleaners available in one’s kitchen. Vinegar proves to be the best option for cleaning windows and you need nothing else to clean your windows if you have vinegar in your house. Here we have bought a simple vinegar cleaner making recipe for you which can be made with the easily available ingredients like vinegar, lemon, water. So if you wish to make this vinegar window cleaner for cleaning windows of your house, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make Window Cleaning Solution with Vinegar

How to Make Window Cleaning Solution

1. Use 50% Distilled Vinegar:-

We can begin by gathering all the ingredients at one place. It is better if you use distilled vinegar for making your vinegar cleaner. 50% distilled vinegar will suit the best for this purpose and you can mix it up with 50% tap water. The amount of vinegar and water should be kept the same for better cleaning. Here comes the time to squeeze a lemon in the same juice avoiding the lemon seeds or lemon pulp from getting mixed with the solution

2. Fill the Mixture in a Bottle:-

Here in this step, we will take a spray bottle and we will fill it up with the vinegar solution that we have made in the previous step. We will keep it aside and we will pre-wash the window with soapy water to make the most of tough dirt and mud particles go away.

3. Use the Vinegar Spray:-

Once you have finished pre-washing the window with soapy water, you can spray the vinegar spray with the nozzle of your spray bottle carrying the vinegar cleaner solution. Now, after spraying the vinegar cleaner solution on desired area, we will keep it as it is for a few minutes and then we will wipe it off with a sponge and then we will rinse it off with water.

4. Use Newspaper on Glass:-

Vinegar is completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial cleaner for your windows and specially the window glass. Once you clean off your glass with vinegar solution, you can wipe it off with an old piece of newspaper. This will make the window glass start shining like anything.

5. Window Frames To be dried immediately:-

Most of us have our window frames made either from wood or from iron and exposure to moisture for much time in both the cases is dangerous as wood will start deteriorating with moisture and iron/metal will meet corrosion when exposed to moisture. It is thus advised that you do not allow the solution or water to stay for longer on window frames and you should immediately wipe them off with a piece of cotton cloth if possible.


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