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Why Were the Railways Invented

Why Railways Were Invented


The first full scale working railway system was a steam engine operated railway system and it was built in the United Kingdom by Richerd Trevithick in 1804. It was built in order to satisfy a bet by Samuel Homfray who used to be a local iron master. Later on many other changes were introduced and soon a kind of revolution was bought in order to have an effective and cheap means of transport for the public. In order to understand how all of it actually happened, let us have a look at the past of railways.

Why Were the Railways Invented

Why Were the Railways Invented

1. The Old Form of Trains:-

The initial developed engines used to be operated on steam based approach. The coal or other fuels would be bought into use to generate steam and when the steam would reach the turbine, the motor or engine fitted would start rotating along with it and the train would start moving.

2. Re-Establishing the Railway Network:-

After the invention of such engines, a network was imagined to be set up that could connect several areas together so that steam engines could be made to travel on those routes. It was the bet that I mentioned in the introduction because of which these first railway lines were set up and this made the followers get an idea that this way could be employed in connecting various states and nations together as well.

3. Advancement in Railway System:-

After the initial railway systems proved to be a success, a business was thought to be set up that included various states to be connected with these railway lines what soon became an inspiration for the other countries and an era of import and export of this idea started and soon all the countries has their own railways systems.

4. The Introduction of New and Fast Trains:-

Later on in twentieth century with the widespread of electricity, the electric trains were introduced that used the same railway system but were operated on electricity rather than steam. These could carry even more wagons along with them and special devices called buffers were also introduced in order to reduce the impact of force.

5. The Trains That Run Without Railways:-

In 21st century, the new and ultra modern system of trains and railways were introduced that used the concepts of magnetism and electromagnetism in order to run trains and that too in an ultra lightning fast manner. These trains were called the bullet trains and actually these were made of magnetic material and when electricity was passed, the coils fitted in these rails would start behaving as an electromagnet that will make the train travel with a speed two to three times more than the electric trains.