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Why is it Better to Eat Natural Foods

why is it better to eat natural foods


Our old people often talk about the quality of food that they used to get for eating during their time. Our old people are often more active, more determined and more healthy than us. They live even longer than the after arriving generations who die at a tender age as low as just forty years. Besides this, the level of diseases in their time was less as compared to today’s world. The world today is full of diseases like obesity, asthma, blood disorders, skin disorders and many other such health problems which can be overcome eating good food.

Obvious is the reason that when you eat natural food, you fall ill less often and this was the only reason that our old aged people are more active as the food that they got in their time was less adulterated. Here are some benefits of natural food that make it a must for all:-

Why to Eat Natural Foods

Why to Eat Natural Foods

1. The Natural Foods are mostly organically produced:-

These days a range of fertilizers is available in the market most of which are chemical based. They may improve the quality of food production, but also make it rich in chemicals. On the other hand, naturally produced food items are often organically produced which means we use manure in the form of vegetable compost or cow/buffalo dung manure to produce such food substitutes and hence they are healthy.

2. Natural Food Items Are Free From Injections:-

A few days back, I heard about pumpkins and watermelons which were being nurtured with injections. The medicine in an injection could make such fruits/vegetables huge in less time. The food items, thus produced were heavy, but rich in chemical medicine. Such food items are never healthy as you also drink the medicine of that injection with the food item when you consume it. Most of the cases of food borne illnesses are because of such adulteration only.

3. Natural Food Items Are Best Absorbed in Body:

Our body takes much time to absorb patties and burgers these are often hard to be broken down by the body system and the body is never able to utilize full energy out of such eatables. If on the other hand, you consume a watermelon or a papaya, the nutrients contained in that fruit will get best absorbed by the body and it will be able to utilize its energy in a better way.

4. Aid Weight Problem:

Most of us are getting obese these days. The food that we eat is a major problem behind this factor. We eat oily food, processed food and even junk food. All these food items make us obese.

In order to stay healthy, we should first eliminate fats from our body. The food items cooked in oils also need to be eliminated and we also need to leave eating processed and junk food items. Natural foods prove to be best in such a situation as they are never oily, they are never junk and they are rather not even processed. Eating natural food items, thus saves us from obesity problem and helps us to lose some of our weight as well.


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