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Why there are 28 Days in a Month of February

Why are there 28 days in February


Generally there are only twenty eight days in February but only once every four years, there comes a year with twenty nine days in it. Actually there exists a scientific as well as a traditional explanation behind it and both these explanations have been able to explain this phenomenon. February, being the shortest month of year lacks some days because of a scientific reason and there are also many facts behind it. Here we have tried our best to describe those reasons for you.

Why there are 28 Days in a Month of February

Why there are 28 Days in a Month of February

1. The Modern Calendars are based on Old Roman Calendars:-

The modern calendars that we use in order to judge the days of any month are highly based on the ancient Romanian style of judging the days. In fact the February month did not even exist in Romanian calendars as they considered the moon’s concept of rotation rather than the earth’s concept of rotation in order to judge the days.

2. The Modern and Scientific Reason for It:-

The modern science after Renaissance period gave rise to an era of new beliefs and people started questioning about their existence. New theories were introduced with thinkers like Newton, Copernicus etc and finally there came a concept that the earth revolves around Sun and Moon revolves around the earth. Earlier the beliefs of people were highly based on the old Ptolemaic theory.

3. The Arrival of New Concepts:-

Afterwards, the Romanian concepts of making or designing a calendar ended and people started adjudging the days of month on basis of earth’s rotation around the sun instead of moon’s rotation around the earth. A concept of 365 days was introduced and February month was also introduced. This bought a variety of changes to the modern calendar system as well.

4. The Reason For Variation Of Days In February:-

Actually, The earth takes 356 ¼ days to complete its one revolution around the sun and as a day consists of more than just 1/4 hours, we do not include the 1/4th part of the year in respective three years and we keep on adding each 1/4th part of a year to the year which is leap. The leap year has thus a day more in its calendar and thus in a leap year we have 29 days in February. In the other years which are not a leap year, February month has 28 days instead of 29 days because of this reason only.

5. The Reason Why Moon Based Calendars Were Changed:-

The moon takes 29 ½ days to rotate around the earth. This did not result in a scheme with 365 or 366 days at all and such calendars did not thus have any place for the month of February. The need for change was realized later when the concept of rotation of earth around the sun was highlighted by various thinkers.


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