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6 Reasons Why People Drink Alcohol

Why People Drink Alcohol


Alcohol is a beverage that people take in the form of pegs diluting it with soda or water. This serves as a drink that makes you addicted to it and most of the people take it as a tranquilizer or to make them cope up the drizzling effects of chilling cold. There are many other reasons why people take alcohol and some of these include its usage as a stress buster or a tranquilizer or as a pain relieving tonic or simply in order to die soon. Some of these reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why People Drink Alcohol

Why People Drink Alcohol

1. To Relieve Their Personal Problems as a Tonic:-

The first reason why people drink alcohol is that they take it as a tonic to relieve the pain caused by their problems. The problems in personal life that are caused by various relations and family problems are found to get relieved drinking it, but then the drinker himself becomes a problem for the others.

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2.  As a Status Symbol:-

It has also been observed that there are some people who are in the habit of drinking just as a status symbol. It is done in order to show off and boast about the parental wealth that they have got and that how luxurious their lifestyle is. The upper classes take it as a status symbol and then the lower classes try to imitate it in order to pretend that even they can live in such a luxurious way.

3. In Order To Have A Desired Company:-

Some people drink even in order to have a desired company. There are many guys who read in my class and they were not habitual drinkers and instead they were the ones who used to run away from this thing but then when afterwards the college girls called them cowards just because they did not drink like the others and called them mamma’s boy, even they started drinking just to make that group as their company.

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4. To Overcome The Effects of Chilling Cold:-

Some soldiers also take alcohol in order to overcome the effects of drizzling cold of winters and ice chilling airs of mountainous regions as it is a universal fact that there is shortage of air to breathe as you reach the high altitudes and thus people choose to drink at such places in order to keep themselves warm from inside.

5. Simply In Order to Stay Insane:-

There are also some groups of people who drink alcohol simply to stay insane. It has been seen that some people get so frustrated with their lives that they get indulged in the habit of drinking and it becomes their way of getting away from the responsibilities of their families as well as other such people.

6. Sometimes Even To Make Drama Or To Be Brave:-

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Some people have been reported to start drinking simply in order to make drama or to fight with others or to have a chance for getting indulged in fighting with their family members or simply to be brave as their hands are shivering when they try to go for such things normally without being drunk.


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