Why Online Shopping is Cheaper than Store

Why Online Shopping Is Cheaper


Online shopping has proven to be a kind of luxurious comfort in our lives. Gone are the days when husbands had to carry shopping bags of their wives while returning from a shopping mall and they used to complaint about the pain in their shoulders caused by it, but instead today’s husband just hands over his VISA or Credit/debit card to his wife and she does shopping sitting at home while choosing from world class quality branded products. Online shopping is not just easy, but it also saves your time and proves cheaper as well. In this article, Let us talk about the exact reason, why and how online shopping becomes cheaper for you.

Why Online Shopping is Cheaper than Store

Why Online Shopping is Cheaper than Store

1. Goods Are Purchased In Bulk/Lots:-

The online shopping portals always purchase goods in bulk. This makes them get the stuff at really cheap prices as the deal is made directly with the company and not the middlemen. The purchase costs are less and thus the sale cost is also less which you get in terms of discount offers and sales discount.

2. The Money Paid to Middlemen Gets Saved:-

Often when you reach any kiryana store or some other store to purchase anything, the products that they sale in their shops have been purchased from a local whole seller. The local whole-seller has purchased these items from a national whole-seller and national whole-seller has purchased these items from the company office. With so much middle-person includes in the sale process, the prices of products are also likely to reach sky high prices and as there is presence of no middlemen in online shopping websites, the money paid as commission to these middlemen gets saved and thus online shopping gets cheaper.

3. The Shipping/Courier Companies are integrated:-

With local selling firms, the price of transportation of products is also added to the sales price while selling them to you and they make sales only on the M.R.P price or even more than that in some of the cases affixing a new rate-tag over their products. In case of online shopping, these companies have integrated links with the shipping/courier companies and thus the cost of shipping is also negligible.

4. Even The Concerned Companies Get A Way To Make Business:-

When the manufacturer company is dealing with a small whole-seller agent, they always discourage discounts on prices as he is just like a small customer to them, but when the online shopping companies reach a manufacturer company, the company owner gets a brand for marketing of his product and thus he gets a way to make business which also makes him reduce the sales prices as well.

5. It Acts As a Kind of Wholesale Market:-

The online shopping websites are never the manufacturers, but instead they are the commission distributors with a majority of company contacts directly with the owners of respective companies. In some cases, they do not even purchase the item physically, but sign a contract that they will make sales for the concerned manufacturer who in turn will pay them the commission. In such cases we are purchasing products directly from the manufacturer and thus it proves to reduce the prices.


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