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Why Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth

Why Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth


Olive oil is the fat collected from olives which can be considered as a fruit obtained from a traditional tree that serves as a crop of the Mediterranean basin. The oil that is obtained from these fats is believed to be really good for hair. Mostly all the hair oil formulations that are destined for proper hair growth guaranteed with their formulation are mixed up with olive oil as one of their contents. Olive oil gives you beautiful and shining hair and this serves to be the reason why it is good for hair. The benefits do not end here only, there are several other benefits of using olive oil that make it good for hair which can be explained as follows:- (Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth)

Why Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth

Why Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth

1. Olive Oil Coats Each Strand Of Your Hair Making It Stronger:-

Talking to the hair expert, we came to know that olive oil has the power to coat each and every strand of your hair that does not happen in the case of other oils the way olive oil does it. It is not just that olive oil coats each and every strand of your hair but also makes them stronger as well.

2. It Is Less Sticky As Compared To the Other Oils:-

The problem with other oils like Mustard oil etc is that they are quite sticky and when applied to hair, they give an excessive sticky feel. On the other hand olive oil is less sticky as compared to the other oils and thus it proves to be a better option for all. (Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth)

3. Increase in Shine and Decrease In Dandruff:-

Women always wish that their hair should be strong as well as shiny and even the advertisements in television depict their products to make your hair strong and shiny to attract the customers because of this reason, but if you apply olive oil to your hair, there is no need of other such products as olive oil is proven to increase the shine of your hair and bring about a fall in the level of dandruff making it decreased than before.

4. No Split Ends and Added Strength:-

Split ends prove to be another problem that makes women spares much of their amounts upon. The beauty parlors charge a lot to get these hair with split ends be pinched out and as it is a known fact that a hair pinched with split ends makes hair prone to more hair with split ends, olive oil proves to be a better choice as it is proven to make hair have no split ends providing them with added strength. (Olive Oil Is Good for Hair Growth)

5. Hairs Get Nourished and Easily Manageable:-

With the application of olive oil to your hair, they become Silky, Soft and Shinier. It also makes the hair get nourished and makes them easily manageable. Who does not like to keep hair open in parties to look presentable, but the hair that are sticky make you tie them up with a band and if you use olive oil, it would make them really soft, silky and shiny that makes you able to keep them open in order to look really beautiful even at parties.


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