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6 Reasons Why Not to Wear White Clothes After Labor Day

Why Not To Wear White Clothes after Labor Day


Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September.  It honors the American labor movement and it is generally said that you should not wear while clothes after labor day. It is also believed to be the unofficial end of the summer season and there are various reasons that people give to the question why we should not wear white after labor day but we have tried to find authentic answers to this question and the answers can be explained as follows: –

Why Not To Wear White Clothes after Labor Day

Why Not To Wear White Clothes after Labor Day

1. It Is End of Summer Means You Should Take Up Warm Clothes:-

First of all, as it is the end of summer, you should take up the warm clothes out. White is a color of summer and thus proves to be a bad choice. People these days are getting smarter and as Labor Day means the unofficial end of summer, this is the time for you to take warm clothes out.

2. Black Is the Color of Cold, While White Is the Color of Heat or summer:-

Black is the color of cold as it has the capacity to trap heat inside it. White is the color of summer as it does not trap heat inside. White color will make you feel much cold because of this factor and black will help you stay even warm than before. You are advised to go for black color in winters because of this reason.

3. It Is Also Because Of a Tradition That Has Been Followed Since Centuries:-

There is a tradition that has been followed since centuries by people. The tradition is of keeping back the summer clothes in almirah and to take out warm and woolen clothes outside on Labor Day. People even now follow this tradition and thus we do not wear white after Labor Day.

4. Not Wearing White After Summer Was One of The Rules Made By Society After The Civil War:-

The society just after the civil war was much concerned about the social status of living and to the improvement of status and to differentiate between one of the classes and other classes of that time. Not to wear white after Labor Day was one of the protocols followed by the people of that time that was brought forward in today’s world by their coming generations.

5. It Was Also a Kind of Fashion That Time:-

It was a kind of fashion that time after the civil war to wear woolens after the Labor Day has gone. This served to be an unofficial way of declaring the arrival of winters and whosoever did not follow this protocol was considered to be out of the class because of which almost all the people had started following it after some time.

6. It Totally Depends On You How You Take It:-

In today’s world, it is not more than a tradition as the arrival of winter is just traditional and unofficial after all and it can’t be declared the permanent arrival of winters. People dress these days, according to the weather not the date or day and thus it totally depends on you, how you take this statement in today’s world.


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