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Why Male And Female Attract Each Other

Why Male And Female Attract Each Other


Attraction for the opposite sex is a phenomenon with explanation hidden in its name. Males are made for females and females are made for males. We address our wives as our better half because according to our religious books, women was born for man and without mutual attraction for each other, they could not fall in love with each other or multiply for evolution. There can be many possible answers to this question,” Why males and females attract each other” some of which are as follows:-

Why Male And Female Attract Each Other

Why Male And Female Attract Each Other

1. Adam and Eve Theory:-

According to the old Christian beliefs when there were no men or women on this earth, God created Adam and eve. He named them as the finest of his creations and asked them to guard his apple trees. Adam and eve were so innocent that they did not even know what an apple is. God had asked them never to eat any apple out of those trees, but Satan miss guided them to eat that forbidden fruit and thus as a punishment for not obeying god’s orders, they both were thrown on the earth to multiply. We humans are the offsprings of Adam and eve only. Now, as God had thrown them on earth to multiply, this attraction can be an outcome of that story of Adam and eve also.

2. Because Of Hormones:-

Adam and Eve were a result of human superstitions or faith but if we believe in science, attraction between both the sexes is due to hormonal changes taking place in the human body. Females have got estrogen hormone in their body while men have got testosterone hormone in their body and these hormones only are responsible for this attraction as well.

3. The Body Structure and Design:-

After entering the age of puberty, some changes happen with both males and females that make them fall in attraction to each other. These changes include women breasts to become tender, the growth of underarm hair, the growth of mustache, beard and chest hair in men, the growth of pubic hair, changes in voice etc. These changes are also responsible for this attraction amongst men and women.

4. Evolutionary Need:-

When an average child comes to read the chapter of reproduction, he is taught that humans are born to reproduce and multiply. Soon he or she enters the age of puberty while thinking and attaining knowledge on all these topics and when he or she grows matured, attraction for the other sex starts for the evolutionary needs.

5. Lust, Attachment and Sometimes Even Real Love:-

Lust, attachment and sometimes even real love can serve to be the reason for this mutual attachment amongst both the sexes. Suppose you find someone to be really appealing, you will for sure fall a prey to this attraction and even if your love is real and not lust at all, this will make you fall a prey to any of the physical traits like your partner’s voice, his or her smile, nature or any other trait of his or her personality which is enough to make you feel attracted towards him or her.


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