5 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

5 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Laughter is a proven better medicine for staying healthy and sound at a same time. It is a proven exercise to maintain harmony with the body and to have balance with several health related problems simultaneously at the same time. You must have seen old people standing in groups in parks in the morning laughing at the top of their pitch, well the same reason resides behind this fact as well and to the answer of your question, laughter is The better medicine in several ways some of which can be explained as follows:-

5 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

1. Lowers down the Blood Pressure:-

In a survey it has been seen that laughter acts as a medicine for those who have got the problem of blood pressure with their health. Laughter is proven to bring blood pressure under control and proven to make you healthy once again. It has also been seen that heart function normally when you are happy and thus even the circulation of blood gets better. (Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine)

2. Reduces the Level of Stress Hormones:-

There are stress hormones in the human body that get functional when you have done a job full of labor, making you tired as well as fatigued at the same time. It has been found that laughter helps in reducing the level of these stress hormones in the body and thus proves to keep you even healthier.

3. Improves the Cardiac Health:-

According to an expert, laughter is proven to improve your cardiac health which means the health of your heart and when the cardiac health is achieved, the risk of heart problems like heart attacks gets reduced which means you are sorted against the problem of a heart attack as well as other such heart problems.

4. Produces A Sense of Well Being:-

A kind of sense of well being gets developed when you adopt laughter as a daily schedule in a way that when you laugh, the body senses generate a message of happiness and even the body feels alright with all the actions telling it that everything is fine and sound. (Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine)

5. Boosts the Mood for Rest of the Day:-

Laughter once made boosts up your mood for the rest of the day and thus it has been rightly said that you should adopt laughter as a morning exercise. In the morning the weather is pleasant and even the air is fresh. The body is in an active state and besides it when you go for the laughter exercise, the body gets an idea that you are happy and thus all your senses work properly with your brain taking decisions even in a better way than it used to be.


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