6 Reasons Why Kolkata Is Called The City of Joy

6 Reasons Why Kolkata Is Called The City of Joy

6 Reasons Why Kolkata Is Called The City of Joy


Kolkata which is formerly called Calcutta is located in the state of West Bengal and serves to be the capital of it Kolkata had stayed as an old operational port even for the east India company that became the reason for rule of Britishers over India for more than 200 years. Kolkata even today is famous for its ports located by the sea side and serves to be a great tourist attraction one of its kind. Kolkata is known as the city of joy because of many reasons, including these and some of the other such reasons can be explained as follows:-

6 Reasons Why Kolkata Is Called The City of Joy

Why Kolkata Is Called The City of Joy

1. A Place of Magnificent Joy with Sweets That Are Famous All Over India:-

Kolkata is famous for mishti doi and rosgolla which serve to be the sweets that people relish and enjoy on the sweet stores at this place. Kolkata is a place of magnificent joy besides this and this serves to make people call it the city of joy.

2. Even Proofs of Happiness by the Adverse Side of Life Are Seen Here:-

There is a slum area located in Kolkata where despite of the adverse conditions and the wretched circumstances faced by people, they still have learnt how to live happily being a support for each other seeing the bright side of life that becomes another reason for Kolkata to be regarded as the city of joy. The name of this slum is “Anand Vihar”

3. Even The Writers Have Mentioned This City in Their Books for the Same Reason:-

The similar incidences have been quoted by several writers in their books making Kolkata be regarded as the city of joy. There is a novel by novelist Dominique Lapierre with same name ,” The city of Joy” describing the similar incidences like “Anand Vihar” reading, which one can get a clear idea why people regard this place as the city of joy.

4. Howrah Bridge serving As the Attraction of Its Kind:-

Howrah Bridge serves to be an attraction one of its kinds situated at this place attracting the most of the  tourists who click their selfies and upload them over their social accounts enjoying comments from friends. Being an attraction of its kind, Kolkata is really a place of joy in true senses.

5. The City of Festivals and Cuisines:-

Kolkata is also a city of festivals and cuisines. This serves to be another reason why people choose to visit this place. The temples of the goddesses are believed to fulfill all what you wish with a heart in the temples of Kolkata and besides this if you believe in black magic, you can make the start of your research the best from this place.

6. Being The Capital Of India Even In British Rule, There Are Many Places To Visit:-

Kolkata used to be the capital of India even in the British rule which is why you may even today find some of the places talking a lot about the British impact on Indian history and thus this place serves to be an attraction of its kind with every flavor available for the tourists that makes them call this place a city of joy.