Why Jaipur Is Called Pink City? – (6 Steps)

(6 Steps) Why Jaipur Is Called Pink City? - HowFlux


Jaipur is a district of state Rajasthan. The city was settled in the 18th of November 1727 and was founded by Jai Singh II, who was the ruler of Amer after which the city has been named Jaipur. It is also the capital of Rajasthan and has a population of about 6.66 million that makes it counted amongst the most populous cities of India. Jaipur is called as pink city and several reasons can be given to the answer why Jaipur is known as pink city, some of which have been discussed by us here in this article.

(6 Steps) Why Jaipur Is Called Pink City? -  HowFlux

Why Jaipur Is Called Pink City?

1. The Stones That Are Obtained From This Place Are Pinkish:-

The stones that you would find in this place has got a pinkish tone with them. Even those which have been bought in use to build the ancient structures are either pinkish or have been painted with pink and thus this serves to be the first reason why we call Jaipur, a pink city.

2. All the Buildings Are Pinkish in Color:-

I don’t know if it was a tradition or because of what but even those who were not from this city and got settled in it afterwards had got their houses painted with pink color, perhaps to show the hospitality that the people of this area give to their guests and thus when you are there in Jaipur, Pink and pink is all around.

3. A Tradition To Maintain The Pink Color:-

We met some people over there in Jaipur and asked them the possible reason why people prefer Pink color over all the other colors and they simply answered that it was their forefathers who made this tradition to show the friendly and guest dedicated nature of people here in this city and then the further coming generations just maintained the job of following the tradition that their parents were accustomed with.

4. Even the Atmosphere Is Pinkish:-

If you climb some high structure like roof of some building and watch out having a loom at the atmosphere around, you will see that even the atmosphere has got a pinkish shade in this city. Mr. Dishesh Rastogi, who was our host made us climb the roof of his house and when we had a look around, even we agreed to the fact that Jaipur is really a pink city.

5. The Stories Referred To All This:-

There are stories that people tell about the rulers that once ruled this place and most of them agree to the fact that the rulers who ruled this place had once got the entire place painted with pink in order to show hospitality and friendly nature of people living here to the guests that were arriving and soon it became a custom.

6. Pink Is The Color Of Hospitality Depicting The Nature Of People Living Here:-

One conclusion was derived from all people who talked with us in our stay to this place and it was that pink is a color that depicts that everybody is invited to this place to enjoy its beauty and all the people living in this place are always ready to welcome them with their hearts having space for all the guests who come. Jaipur is really a pink city in true senses.


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