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Why is Liquor so Cheap in Goa

Why Liquor Is Cheap In Goa


Goa is a state of Indian Republic located in the South-Western part of India. The state of Maharashtra lies to the North of it and the state of Karnataka lies to the east and south of it and Arabian Sea to its western coast. Goa is one of the richest states with GDP per capita two and half times that of the country as whole. Panaji is the capital of Goa and this state is also famous for its casinos, quality hotels, travel spots and other such tourist spots. Liquor is one of the cheapest drinks available in Goa along with Beer and cold drinks. In order to find the answer to this question, I visited this state and found out some marvelous facts about it which make Liquor so cheap at this place.

Why is Liquor so Cheap in Goa

Why is Liquor so Cheap in Goa

1. One of the Best Tourist Spots Ever:-

Talking about Goa, it is a state of tourists who visit it for its natural beauty as well as places of leisure. Goa is every year visited by a number of domestic and international tourists who visit it for its beaches, places of worship, bars, casino’s and pubs. Actually, a majority of people visit this place for the quality leisure and one of the means of this leisure is also liquor.

2. Even the Island Packages Are Based On Free Drinks:-

The island trips offered by Goa tourism also include an option for free beer, liquor and cold drinks. It is included in the package itself. Most of the trip packages have an option for free liquor/cold drinks and beer available for tourists/honeymoon couples.

3. Most of the People Reaching Casinos Are Also Habitual Drinkers:-

Yes, the fact is true. During my visit to Goa, I found that people reaching Goa for travel/tour included a large number of people who were habitual drinkers. They arrive this place for either celebrating their honeymoon or quality vacations with clubs and casinos. To have a drink in their hands is a means of both, an attraction and leisure for the tourists and thus they arrive in a large number to this place which is why even the government keeps the prices low for drinks to be sold and served.

4. Liquor as A Way of Business Making:-

Now, as liquor attracts the tourists as well as couples, the government watches it as a way of business making and thus it keeps the taxes low. Local Whisky rum etc will cost anywhere between 10 and 35 rupees a peg at this place. Feni can be purchased for as cheap as 5 rupees a peg. People prefer visiting this place for enjoyment and this is what it provides.

5. Absence of Excise Duties:-

There is also an absence of excise duties in Goa. Though Goa is not exempted completely from taxes. The state government has chosen to keep all such taxes low. This serves to make liquor cheaper and thus prices asked for sales and serving of liquor/beer and other such drinks is quite low as compared to the other states.

6. Effect of History:-

If I talk about Goa’s history, Goa was under Portuguese rule when the Indian National Congress was acting to run freedom movement in order to shape up the politics and policy making options in India. Goa was spared from all this as it was not under the British rule. Later on, when Goa was added as a state in India it made business people see a profit in this business and thus even the government has to exempt taxes in order to make liquor cheaper for the promotion of travel and tourism as it paid them a huge amount of revenue.


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