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Why is Acid Rain a Problem to the Environment

Why is Acid Rain a Problem


Acid rains are the rains that get acidified after coming in contact with the atmospheric pollutants as well as the polluting acidic gases prevailing in the atmosphere. We all know that these rains have become a major problem for us as we keep on hearing it on radios, television and even newspapers, but have you ever thought what is in these rains that has made them become a problem for us? Well, here we are explaining all those things that make acid rains to get problematic for us.

Why is Acid Rain a Problem to the Environment

Why is Acid Rain a Problem to the Environment

1. The Plants, Forests And Trees Get Destroyed:-

When acid rain falls on plants and trees in forests and cities, the pH value of those trees and plants gets increased as the rain water was acidic. The pollutants in the rain droplets prove to be destructive to these plants and thus make them get deteriorated with time.

2. Damage Caused To The Structures And Buildings:-

There are many wonders and sculptures that are made of material like limestone or marble etc. One of them is Taj Mahal of India and we all know that it is losing its beauty day by day as the marble if getting corroded with pollution but these monuments and sculptures get corroded with acid rains as well.

It has been noted down that limestone buildings and marble buildings can get corroded with these droplets that fall on them in an acidic form and thus can make the buildings really weak and thus they get prone to fall anytime. The paints get decayed as well. The statues made of lime stone are found to get deteriorated because of the acidic content of rains and thus lose its beauty with time.

3. Acidification of Lakes And Streams:-

The lakes and streams that come in contact with these acidic rains get polluted and contaminated badly. This has bought about a downfall in the population of fishes and bring about a decrease in the biodiversity as well. You must know that many wild animals are also dependent on the water of these lakes and streams of water so as to quench their thirst and when they drink this acidic water, they get ill and even the wildlife gets affected badly.

Though the creatures like frogs etc may manage to live in this acidic water, but the species of fishes, including phytoplankton, mayflies, rainbow trout etc get endangered with these rains that come with acidic content in them. Some fishes are not even able to hatch and lay eggs and thus the entire life cycle gets endangered.

4. Automotive coatings:-

The paints and coatings made on the automotive appliances and automobiles also gets likely to be deteriorated with these rains rich in acidic content. The paints made on these parts get peeled up after some time and hence spoils the entire look of that vehicle or automotive.

5. Damage Made To The Soil:-

The soil on which this acidic rain falls, gets deficient in minerals. It has been found that the minerals like Calcium and Magnesium get leached with this acidic content of rains and thus some microscopic life as well as the small worms and microorganisms etc are not able to survive. The fertility of soil is also at risk and the plants are not able to find proper nutrients for them in this condition.


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