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6 Reasons Why Hollywood Movies Are Released First in India

Why Hollywood Movies Are Released First In India


The Hollywood movies these days come to India much before than their release in U.S and the movies from Disney like Tintin, quantum of solace, avengers etc are watched by the Indian audiences even before than the viewers in the United States. There are some film producers from India who are also engaged in producing movies for big companies like Disney etc and this is like a matter of fame for the Indian movie industry. There are several reasons that can be answered to the fact why Hollywood movies are released first in India and some of these can be explained as follow: –

Why Hollywood Movies Are Released First In India

Why Hollywood Movies Are Released First In India

1. The Indian Audiences Are Hungry For Hollywood Movies More than Anyone Else:-

It has been seen in a survey that the Indian audiences are hungry for Hollywood movies more than the foreign people and thus the Hollywood movies are released first of all here in India only so that this hunger may be satisfied besides making the movie a great success.

2. The Indian Markets Prove to Be a Hub of Earning:-

The Indian markets have always proven to be a hub of earning for the Hollywood producers with better quality effects and direction made. A major part of youth prefers to watch Hollywood movies over Bollywood movies to change their taste at weekends and thus Hollywood movies are relapsed first in India because of this demand.

3. The New 3D and Better Quality Effects:-

The technology here in India still lags a step behind in terms of 3D and animation effects and even if we bring these effects in Indian movies, it still proves to be in contrast to the Hollywood movies and thus because of the 3D and better quality effects, the audiences here in India are attracted more towards the Hollywood movies which makes the producers move here for releasing their movies first in India.

4. The U.S Film Theatres Are Comparatively Less Favorable These Days:-

The conditions there in U.S for releasing the movies prove to be less favorable with multiple movies being produced set the same time that created competition and thus the movie producers choose to make releases here in India first so that the luck may be bought then to the U.S markets as well.

5. Even Though Local Content Is Preferred Much Still More Than 10% Of Indian Markets Are Reserved For Hollywood Films:-

Even though more than 80% of Indian movie market is still based on the local products, but Still Indians find something attractive in the foreign romance, comedy as well as adventure and thus it proves to be a great way of earning even for the U.S based movie makers and thus they move to India.

6. The Indian Romance Proves To Be Less Sensual To Some People Than The Hollywood Romance: –

Some people amongst the youth also believe that the Indian romance proves to be less sensual while the U.S based movies are full of such scenes that prove to arouse their senses and thus they move for watching the U.S based movies what proves to be an advantage even for the movie makers and thus this might also be one of the reasons why Hollywood movies are released first in India.


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