5 Reasons Why Have You Applied for This Job – HowFlux

5 Reasons Why Have You Applied for This Job

5 Reasons Why Have You Applied for This Job - Howflux


Why have you applied for this job? This is another one amongst the generally and frequently asked questions for an interview. Though it is but obvious that you have applied for this job because you need it, but this does not specify your strengths and weaknesses and as the recruiters are to take care of each and everything, including the guts that you have in order to pass or fail you for the recruitment, your answer should be really appealing and satisfying to them so that you may get a job and the possible answers for this question can be as follows: –

5 Reasons Why Have You Applied for This Job - Howflux

Why Have You Applied for This Job

1. To Engage Myself In Something Productive:-

The moment a recruiter asks you why have you applied for this job, your first response to him should be that Sir, I have completed all my education and now I wish to engage myself in something productive that proves to uplift my status and makes me lead my life like all other smart people are living.

2. To Become Something On My Own:-

The recruiter is sure to get another question resulting from this answer of yours and he will ask you, will you work only for your upliftment or why should they hire you for you just wish to uplift your status and not the company. It may also be that because of this reason they might reject you and thus with the answer that you were giving in the first point, you should also mention that I would like to keep improving myself for the upliftment of the company as well. For the entire life I have remained dependent on my parents, but now I wish to become something on my own.

3. To Take a Stand for me:-

Simply mention that I have remained a good student and a good learner as well. Your company comes amongst the top most ones, that everybody likes to work with and if given a chance, I would be able to take a stand for myself joining my hands with you getting trained and once trained I am sure that I would be beneficial for the company as well.

4. To Earn My Bread And Besides It To Become Something That I Can Say I Am Proud To Be:-

If the recruiters ask you something about your needs, simply answer that you wish to go for something that makes you earn your bread and besides it would be great if you get opportunities to uplift your status with the quality of work that you provide to the company.

5. To See How Far My Skills Have Got Enriched:-

Your answer may also be that after getting an education and inculcating skills in myself, I wish to check how far productive I can be for any firm and how far my skills can be bought into use and besides it if my work can fetch me some income as well, then what’s the problem with it. Simply say that I just need a chance sir. If I am not found productive, you can terminate me the very fraction of that second.


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