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Why Girls Like Teddy Bears

Why Girls Like Teddy Bears


Most of the girls like teddy bears. If you have ever been a girl’s boyfriend, she would surely have demanded a teddy bear from you. Most of the boys have a doubt in their mind that a girl can ask them for anything, say, a branded dress, a ring, some ornament or any other costly thing, but they just ask for chocolates and teddy bears. I don’t know why, but there is a smile on every girl’s face when she gets a teddy bear. In order to find an answer to this question, we met many girls and asked them the same question. We were surprised to get the same kind of answers from a girl of every age group. The average answers that we got from most of the girls for this question were following.

Why Girls Like Teddy Bears

Why Girls Like Teddy Bears

1. They are cute:-

A teddy bear is one of the cutest gifts that a girl can receive says Babita. She also acclaimed that every girl irrespective of her age will like to be gifted a teddy. According to her, the best thing that a girl does with her teddy is to cuddle with it. A teddy makes no mistakes and no demands she says, but it always stays a girl’s best friend.

2. They are soft:-

Another answer that we got from Miss Margareta was that teddy bears are soft. Most of the girls like using their teddy bears as a pillow instead of a perfect company. The perfectly stuffed pillow is rather less soft than a teddy bear and thus most of the girls keep carrying their teddy bear in their hands even when they grow up.

3. They make girls feel special:-

When you get gifted you feel special and when someone special gives you a special gift, you feel like you are on the top of this world. Teddy bears make a girl feel special. If a girl has no big brother to play with, she will start playing with her teddy. A teddy bear will stay her friend even when she grows up. She will dress her bear and will keep on playing with it.

4. Girls can sleep while hugging their teddy:-

Most of the girls keep hugging their teddy while sleeping. This never makes them feel alone. It feels better when you have a company and a soft company like a teddy bear is what every girl would like to have. Besides this, a girl can keep talking with her teddy for as long as she wants. She can scold the teddy and he won’t even answer. It won’t even mind when she throws it.

5. An urge to stay baby doll the rest of life:-

This was the most appreciated arguments amongst all the arguments that we got from girls who were answering our questions. Most of them agreed upon the fact that girls like being their papa’s princess and their hubby or boy friend’s baby doll. This urge stays with every girl, even when she gets married and thus they like getting gifts like teddy bear.


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