Why Girls Fall in Love with Bad Boys

6 Reasons Why Girls Fall in Love with Bad Boys


It has been seen that girls always feel a kind of infatuation towards bad boys. Brats are always having a kind of personality, that girls love to be with and thus girls find their love and infatuation both in bad boys. We had a survey committee on the girls and their perceptions and desires about boys and we found that approximately 75% amongst them were attracted towards by that kind of boys who were either brats or bully kind of guys. The reason why most of the girls fall in love with bad boys can be explained as follows:-

6 Reasons Why Girls Fall in Love with Bad Boys

Why Girls Fall in Love with Bad Boys

1. The Body and Muscles:-

Generally, we see and note that the brats and bully kind of boys are having tough built and having muscles that are seen through the shirt.This is because of the fact that to suppress others they become conscious about their own body what proves to be an advantage for them as girls or females always appreciate tough built.

2. They Wish A Body Guard More Than A Lover:-

Most of the girls are a victim of insecurity and thus their model for their kind of guy is like the boy who is an all rounder and who loves her, but is sideways able to take stand for her and can save her from the lusty eyes of the world. To save themselves from countless such guys, they choose to fall in love with one single guy believing that they can change him.

3.The Personality Always stays ahead:-

It has also been found that the personalities of such guys who try to dominate others or try to make an impact on others are having great personality with them. This personality proves to be an advantage when girls try to gain your attention because of it.

4. Brats Are Always Born With Guts:-

Brats are the boys born with guts. In every movie you see, the boy would first be a bully or brat kind of boy, the heroine’s entry would take place and then she would make the guy changed because of her love and that very boy would be ready to do anything for her afterwards for her love. This is what we call the impact of Bollywood movies which proves to be like a fairy tale to most of the girls making them imitate what is shown in films and thus they like bad boys.

5. Where The Mind Is Without Fear And Head Is Held High:-

Generally it has been seen that brats and bully kind of bad boys are never ready to take their head down in front of anyone what proves to be an impressive kind of personality for most of the girls and this serves to be the reason why most of them fall in love with bad boys.

6. All the Girls Have an Image of Her Kind of Guy:-

All the girls have an image of their kind of boy and most of the girls prefer to be with a boy who is tough, having a muscular build and has got the courage to take a stand for her as well as him. Who is able to fight the rest of world for her and this also serves to be one of the many reasons why girls fall in love with bad boys.


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