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6 Reasons Why Food Should Be Cooked

6 Reasons Why Food Should Be Cooked


Since early man discovered fire accidentally and tried to eat flesh roasting it off in the fire, we have been eating all the sort of stuff after making it cooked and this has gone to such an extent that some people can’t eat anything without cooking it. There are many reasons why cooked food is preferred over the raw food and obviously all of these relate to the personal health and hygiene. The fact that we eat food after cooking it has got many reasons behind it, some of which can be explained as follows:-

6 Reasons Why Food Should Be Cooked

6 Reasons Why Food Should Be Cooked

1. There Are Some Stuff That Because Poisoning Effect If Eaten Raw:-

First of all I will like to remind you that there are some stuff that cannot be eaten raw like there are some species of mushrooms that have been found to be poisonous if eaten uncooked. Several others like potato if eaten raw may cause you stomach pain and thus in order to eliminate this poisonous effect, the food is cooked so as to make it perfect for eating.

2. Cooking Kills the Germs:-

The raw food items always have got flies, worms and dirt accumulated over them and thus it is better to first wash the food and then cook if before eating. This improves the taste besides eliminating the germs and bacteria of all kinds and also kills the worms if any contained in any vegetable.

3. Makes the Food Tasty:-

Besides all this, the food that has been cooked is made tasty. If you take a handful of wheat flour or gram flour and take it as it is in your mouth, adding some water to it, it would be of no taste, but a kind of problem creator for your digestive organs and thus cooking the food makes it tasty and friendly to appetite.

4. Saves Us from Food Poisoning:-

In some of the cases the food that is uncooked or is cooked but two or three days old if eaten can cause you food poisoning, but if you cook it again and then eat it, there are less chances of food poisoning being caused like this which becomes another reason why we prefer eating cooked food.

5. To Bring about a Relishing Feel to It:-

The food that has been cooked serves to give a refreshing kind of feel to all. The smell that comes out of cooked food is enough to make anybody’s mouth get filled with water and when you eat raw food, there is no such feeling of refreshment thus it is advisable to cook food before you eat it.

6. Simply To Make the Food be able to be digested properly:-

There is another reason why we cook the food before eating it. This is because the food that is consumed by the body is then broken down into simpler parts so as to obtain energy from it and thus the food gets easy to be digested as well. Those who wish the food should get digested properly should always eat cooked food as it is easily chewable as well as easy to digest.


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