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Why Females Are Not Allowed To Go Temples During Periods

Why Females Are Not Allowed To Go To Temples During Periods


A period is a stage in a woman’s life when she meets a discharge of some liquid out of her private part. This happens in order to get rid of a tissue which is of no use anymore to the female’s body. Actually, this is the nature of the human body that it tries to get rid of everything that is not requires inside it and the same happens to the female’s body during this time. It is also a sign that she has become able to get pregnant during this time. There is a saying that we hear in most of the villages, according to which a female should not be allowed to go to a temple when she is in the time of her periods. Let us discuss and find out why people say this.

Why Females Are Not Allowed To Go Temples During Periods

Why Females Are Not Allowed To Go Temples During Periods

1. Reason lies In the Bhagwad Puran:-

Bhagwad Puran is one of the oldest religious books of India. This book explains a story according to which a female should keep away from temples when she is in her stage of periods. There are some other related stories as well.

2. Temples Are A Sign of Purity:-

We went to a village to meet some old women and ask them if it is a myth or reality that women are not allowed to go to temples during their periods, they came up with an answer that temples are a sign of purity and as we consider God to be living at this place, we never bring anything impure at such places. A woman is considered impure during her period days and thus she is asked not to go to temples during this stage.

3. It is All Up to Your Beliefs:-

Some even surprised us with an answer that it is all up to your beliefs if you follow this advice or not. “God is everywhere and in every element they say, then why is a woman forbidden just to enter the temples?” this remark was made by an old woman of the same village in which we had went for the survey.

4. It is one of the Superstitions:-

Going to the root cause of this belief, it is one of the prevailing superstitions in the Indian society. It all depends on one’s beliefs and moral values that if he or she will follow this superstition or not.

5. A Result of Blind Beliefs:-

“Faith begins where science ends” and faith is itself a result of blind belief in something. This tradition of not allowing women to go to temples during her periods is also a result of one such blind belief or faiths prevailing in history since time immemorial.

6. God Never spoke this:-

If I talk about my personal opinion on this topic, god is everywhere and there is a temple wherever we start praying. God never asked us to worship him in temples and it has been explained even in our religious books that we can worship god standing anywhere at any time.


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